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Yoga Benefits – Physical and Mental Advantages

Yoga for Health…Yoga for Mind… and Yoga for Life!!!

The life we live today is more than ever dependent on Yoga. Our highly unhealthy lifestyle, eating habits, and work schedules lead us to a very unhealthy, disease prone short life. In such conditions, Yoga is the only solution to revive our natural system and live a longer, better and healthier life.

Yoga, today is one of the most widely followed health regimes across the world! Known for its innumerous benefits, Yoga is one of the best ways to tone your body, revive the inner clock, cure diseases and enjoy a beautiful glowing skin. Here below are some of the proved benefits and advantages of Yoga. Know and inculcate them into your life for a healthier you.

Physical benefits

  • Body Flexibility

Yoga asanas help your body stretch and become flexible, allowing you to enjoy better motion without any muscular pains or hamstrings. With the help of yoga, you tend to stay flexible despite your growing age.

  • Strength

Yoga enhances your body strength, allowing you to become stronger from within. The breathing control techniques help build your overall strength.

  • Toning Muscles

The asanas in yoga are a great way of toning your muscles. Within some time, you will see your body shape becoming leaner and muscular, making you look and feel healthy.

  • Body Balance

Balancing is a very important aspect of yoga. Standing on one leg or on your hands will help you build better strength and become stronger from within.

  • Joint Pain

For people suffering from arthritis, yoga is the best medication. The yoga asanas can help improve the joint pains, enhance mobility and also help in keeping the body fit.

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  • Enhanced Breathing

In yoga, asanas based on breathing help people suffering from asthma or allergies stay healthy. The deep breathing and shallow breathing techniques help clear the respiratory system, sending more oxygen into the body and hence leading to a better health.

  • Pain Reliever

IF you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, etc. yoga can help cure them easily. Start yoga to enhance your body’s alignment and ease the pain.

Mental benefits

  • Calmness

Meditation is a part of Yoga, wherein you focus on your body and mind. Slowly, as you learn meditation, your body learns to control impulsive behavior by making you calm and free from anxiety. This is a great way to cope with insomnia, tensions and anxiety attacks.

  • Stress Control

We live in a world of Stress, stress due to work, expectations, family issues, financial conditions, etc. The best and only way to fight them is to control your stress, and focus on your work and life better. Yoga helps you control your mind and its thoughts, indirectly helps you control your stress.

  • Spiritual and Body awareness

Get control over your mind and body by increasing the awareness on your health and mind. With time, you will feel relaxed and comfortable not just from your body but also mind, giving you mental peace. Overall, you can boost your self-confidence with a healthier body and mind with yoga.

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