10 Amazing Facts You Might Not Be Aware About God Krishna!

Krishna Janmashtami is the day when one the very favorite God of Hinduism was born, the great day when KRISHNA was born. We all are aware about his ‘Raasleela’, ‘Makhan Chori’, his role in the holy book of ‘Geeta’ and all his divine leela but there might be some facts which probable our Television Serials haven’t enlightened us with.

Here are few facts about Nandlala Kanhaiya that you probably would know for the first time:

1.The Eight Incarnation!

Shri Krishna is the most written about incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

2. Guru Dakshina

Lord Krishna’s Guru Dakshina to his guru Rishi Sandipani- Returned his dead son to life!

3. One of His Leela’s!

Krishna bought back his 6 dead siblings to life. Their names are as follows – Smara, Udgitha, Parish Ranga, Patanga, Kshudra Brit and Ghrini.

4. Lord’s Wives!

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We all know Krishna had 16000 wives.. Errr.. it’s 16,108 wives out of which only 8 were the Pataranis.

5. The Illusion of Krishna!

During Raas-leela, Krishna was dancing with all Gopi’s at once, but all the Gopi’s thought that the lord is individually dancing with them.

6. The Best Friend!

Draupadi is Krishna’s Best friend and being the only one friend, she is known as Krishna.

7. The Magical Flute!


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Music from Lord Krishna’s Flute was so soothing and beautiful that not just animals and birds surrounded him but even the waves of the river Yamuna changed it’s course.

8. The Name has a Name!

Symbolically, Krishna means soul atman existing within all human beings.

9. Radha’s Existence!

No Scriptures mentions the name ‘Radha’, not even Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta itself!

10. The Previous Birth!

Krishna’s son name is Pradhyuman, who was Kamdev in his previous birth, the one whom Lord Shiva burnt into ashes.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami to you all!

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