Guava Leaves – Nature’s Gift For A Healthy Body And Hair!

Most of the ‘fruits’ and foliage of edible plants are helpful to our health and hair care in many ways. But you need to know how to make those magical potions with the perfect ingredients and amounts that make your hair grow with health. Guava… a seasonal fruit is one of the most nutritious fruits for our health. But, did you know its leaves also give our hair the natural nourishment needed to grow with health and beauty. So, here are some of the simplest ways to use these leaves for your hair.


Add a small amount of Guava leaves into 1000 ml of water and heat for about twenty minutes. Bring to normal temperature. Smoothly rub the filtered water on your hair, concentrating on the ‘scalp and roots of your curls.


  • Will avert hair falling,
  • Will make the hair root and follicle strong. As a result you will have dense and glossy locks.
  • By using this water; you avoid the chemical hair tonics, yet have natural and healthy hair.
  • Most hair oils, shampoos and other items (for hair care) available today, assure you of many advantages, but are they true to their word? When you are not sure of the outcome following this natural technique is safer and cheaper.

Other Advantages of Guava Leaves:

  • They are used as relievers of aches. They are microbe healers that ease the breathing problems and many health related issues.
  • They are useful for the following:
  • Belly Pains.
  • Dysentery
  • Diarrhea
  • Improve ‘Oral Health
  • Controls Diabetics
  • Reduces ‘LDL’ with no affect on ‘HDL Levels’.
  • Treats Coughs, Colds and other Bronchial Problems.
  • Cures throat irritation.
  • Helps in Food absorption.
  • Natural treatment for ‘Dengue Fever’.
  • Reduces All Kinds of Allergy.
  • Reduces Skin Irritations
  • Used in Treating ‘Prostate Cancer and Enlargement’
  • Delays Your Aging process.
  • Heals Skin eruptions, blackhead and spots
  • Increases ‘Sperm Production’.
  • Heals Cuts, Abrasions and other injuries.
  • “Tea” made with guava leaves aids in treating infection of the hearing organs too.

After mentioning the medicinal values of guava leaves; it would be out of place to neglect the goodness of a guava fruit.

The abundance  of ‘Vitamin B and the other varieties of  the Vitamin like B2 and others present in the fruit also help in maintaining thick, lustrous hair. This also helps in having a bright shiny skin.

So, now take good care of your health naturally with these Guava Leaves.

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