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How to Tackle Stress at Work Place!

With heavy work load at office, uncooperative colleagues, demanding superiors and a huge to-do-list at work, life in office can be extremely strenuous. But, to beat the work stress and stay fresh mentally and physically, here are a few expert tips that you might want to try. Check them out and follow for a stress-free office hours.

  • Pleasant Recollections: Think of the pleasant time you spent with friends or dear ones. Revive the unforgettable moments you had. In fact, a few pleasing thoughts will help you refreshed and unwind your stress within a few minutes.
  • Downloading soft music: Take a few minutes off your work to download your favorite songs or shopping application that you always wanted to copy on your mobile but could not for various reasons. This will release your stress and make you feel better. That’s better than attending the never ending phone calls, texting that work otherwise on your stress.
  • Place your favorite Scents Handy: Taking a deep breath of your favorite perfume is said to be relaxing. Go ahead and inhale deeply into it. Fill your mind with the beautiful memories related to that soft smell.
  • Prioritize your work: Listing your responsibilities and planning accordingly on paper will help you do the urgent work first; nothing will be forgotten. You will feel more relaxed before you go home, knowing the fact that your work is all sorted well.
  • Have a tangy sip: Research finds that having a sip of ‘vitamin C’ will make you feel energetic and ready to tackle the pending work. Try sipping a little orange juice or lemon juice to feel the energy back.
  • Coffee-Breaks: When others fail to understand your point of view and you get irritated, make an excuse to sip your favorite hot cup of coffee. If you can, have a stroll. Feeling the breeze and sun shine will refresh you along with your coffee.
  • Deep breathing: Hurrying to finish the work, people often forget about everything else. At times their concentration level also falls, at such times taking deep breaths keeps you focused and relaxed.
  • Recall your weekly/weekend plans: You might have planned to watch a late movie with your friends or family, you may have some weekend plans. Think of it for a few seconds and you will see yourself focusing back to your work with more enthusiasm.
  • Share your work: Trying to do everything on your own makes you feel unproductive at times. Get others to share your work. That will help you feel less strenuous.
  • Keep Smiling : Think positively! Keeping the office atmosphere jovial and pleasing will ease the work pressure. So smile and work with a calm frame of mind.
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