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I Am Raped Everyday By My Husband – Story of Marital Rape

The Happily Ever After! It just happens in movies and not in real life. “My husband raped me daily. He forced himself on me, every single day, even on the days I bled. He did not spare me all through the pregnancy and even till the last day of delivery of my child…”Can you opine with this?

Many people have a valid reason regarding the goody-goody elements of marriage but some marriages are just Scandals in Disguise. Rape itself is a disturbing word to listen. Imagine people going through the trauma every single day without having the right to raise their voice. And Why? Just because the Rapist is your Saat Phera Guy, your Supposed to be Soulmate, Your HUSBAND?

marital rape

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Today, we share an article about SEX Inside The Marriage or Rather Should I Say, Forced Sex Inside Marriage!

Marriage in India is said to be the most auspicious thing and is celebrated in a grand way with a huge Publicity, grand celebrations, great food, huge Guest list and what not. But, Did you know that marriage comes with a few comprehensive side effects?

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Not all marriages are “Safe Marriages” some are horrifying nightmares as well. Marriage here is all about dismay & haunting realities that damages an individual from within. This story shook me as it came like a storm beneath the ocean.

My heart was in great pain while I saw the news on TV wherein the victim spoke about her life, how her husband tortured her sexually, treating her as a sex toy and not his soul-mate. They were happily married but only later did she realize the inhuman side of him. He forced her into sex without her wish and then continued to do it until she couldn’t bear it any longer. Today, after fighting through her life, she says, “I want no woman to lose time to speak up against such an atrocity. Speak out early, so that you do not continue to suffer as I did. I was scared of him all along. Now I am strong to reject such a man.”

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Marriage As a Certificate to Rape?

Sex between a Married couple is certainly No pun intended; Don’t you think so? People laugh off with the statement that marriage comes as a license to repose. Yes! It is certainly considered as a RAPE as it is without the consent of the female partner.

People fail to understand that a Wife is not just a machine to enjoy sex, bear kids and take care of your family. She is an individual, with her identity and has equal rights to live her life, the way she wants. Bertrand Russell in his book Marriage and Morals wrote “Marriage for a woman is the commonest mode of livelihood and the total amount of undesired sex endured by women is probably greater than in prostitution.”

marital rape law

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Laws for Domestic Sexual Violence

But According to the laws Under Domestic Violence Act 2005, Sexual Violence is non-criminal violation. Another section of law 375 IPC defines it as a rape but do not consider it as rape. Rather it consider as a intercourse between husband and wife.

“It is considered that the concept of marital rape, as understood internationally, cannot be suitably applied in the Indian context due to various factors, including level of education, illiteracy, poverty, myriad social customs and values, religious beliefs, mindset of the society to treat marriage as a sacrament,” Minister of State for Home, Haribhai Parathibhai Chaudhary said in the Rajya Sabha.

No to marital Rape

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So, Are social customs and religions so important that we dare to ignore such sensitive issues? Why is the mind set of the society always in favor for the male preference? Divorce is not the only option. Women themselves are the solution. She has to learn to Say NO! But, will she be able to take this stand ever??

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