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I Married My Sperm Donor, The Man I Traced For Miles!

Like us, every woman has a dream to meet the perfect man but not everyone gets the privilege to live the same. Likewise, Aminah Hart has a story of heartbreak and of tragedies, that furled her children to heaven, succumbed to bad health. She was all tired being single and memories of her kids kept her upset, until one day she decided to become a mother again in 2014, through IVF!


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From five of the Sperm donor applicants, she had to choose one, and she selected the one which read, ‘Happy and Healthy! Had 4 healthy kids and was ‘easy going’. Nine months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and named her Leila.

For several reasons, Aminah was raised by a strong woman, her mother who once upon a time began the journey to find her daughter’s father who had departed from the family long ago, only to find that he was no more. And Aminah didn’t want the same thing happen with Leila, thus she began the search – looking for the sperm donor, The Father!

Through the help that she received from the Agency she found, Scott Anderson! She sent number of emails to him, Thanking him for the life he gave and the pictures of his healthy daughter! The email conversations continued for almost 6 months. His daughter Leila resembled his other kids so much that he wanted to meet her and he sent Aminah an invitation to visit him at Phillip Island, Australia where Scott worked as a cattle farmer.

They met each other just after four days of Leila’s first birthday and the magic was unfurled. Leila instantly bonded with Scott, and he insisted Leila called him ‘Daddy.’! This was just the beginning of the new happiness that had invaded this trio. His four kids loved Leila and Aminah and so did they!


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Soon, they frequently met each other and spent good quality time only to find that Scott and Aminah were in love with each other. On one such hangouts, Aminah said, “I think you should kiss me.” Scott was scared earlier and believed, “I thought she was totally out of my league” but All’s well that ends well!

One day on a pretence to buy milk, Scott left the house and came back with a ring. He proposed Aminah, who was head over heels! They got married within few days at Sorrento, Victoria. The wedding and their happiness were as beautiful as their love story. Aminah also penned down the same in her book “How I Met Your Father.”  Probably a movie is on it’s way inspired by this beautiful story.

Woman who married her sperm donor

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This is the story of a 42 year old woman, a London born Australian who was suffering from a rare genetic disorder that affects only male babies, which had killed two of her baby boys. She didn’t give up to live and so should we. Happiness has it’s own share for all of us!

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