Kanchan - Assam Village

Meet Kanchan – A Woman Providing Health Care to an Entire Assam Village!

It is often said that the correct education not always is attained by going to school. The story that we are going to share today is one such story, which is about spirit, ‘never say die’ attitude, and humanity which comes directly from the heart. This story is about a woman with abundant valor, Kanchan who lives in a small village in Assam. She works as a social worker selflessly to improve the health conditions of people in this village.

Kanchan - Assam Village

Image Source: www.betterindia.com

Kanchan is just like a normal woman but her specialty lies in her will to do the extraordinary. She wakes up at 6 in the morning, finishes her household work and then sets out on a mission to make sure the people in need of healthcare reach hospital either voluntarily or with some care.

She works with an organization called Plan India. Kanchan in her village plays the primary role of acting as a bridge between the healthcare system and pregnant mothers and families who are more vulnerable to the HIV infection.

Even though the nearest hospitals from Kali Kajari are at least 5 hours away but still she makes it a point to make her villagers understand the importance of regular medical check-ups, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene and even safe deliveries of babies.


Image Source: www.betterindia.com

In Kala Kajari, the villagers trusted the traditional treatment more than the modern medicines but it was Kanchan’s never say die attitude which convinced every family in the village to send pregnant women to the best medicine professionals. Now the tradition is such in the village that not only the women go to the experienced doctor but the kids are also routinely vaccinated and healthy diets of a family is maintained. Owing to what Kanchan determined to achieve, she has made sure that every mother today is healthy along with her child and is living a hygienic life.

Women Planet salutes women of Kanchan’s stature and we hope that everyone, not only women but also men take inspiration from women like Kanchan who are making sure that the world is a better place to live in!

Feature Image Source: www.betterindia.com

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