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One Day When I woke up as a Girl!

It was a sunny morning, not every day I felt this lazy to get up from my bed but today somehow it felt different. Today as every normal day, I went in front of the mirror to check how I looked. As soon as I saw my reflection on the mirror, it gave me the shock of my life. I really couldn’t see myself; I saw a girl with messed up hair! I rubbed my eyes vigorously, pinched myself to make sure that I was not dreaming. No.. it wasn’t a dream.

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My entire body had transformed into a beautiful girl. I wanted to see how my parents reacted to what had happened to me but I had to rush to the loo first, my stomach was aching bad and I felt like puking. I sat on the pot and saw blood spilling. My guess was right, I was on periods and nothing had ever caused so much pain. Periods… how do girls manage it? The feeling of blood oozing out was not something i wanted to experience again. The throbbing pain of the cramps and using a damn sanitary pad was not what I had ever imagined in my wildest dreams. The first thing that came to my mind were menstrual jokes we as boys used to crack on girls. Imitating their faces when they had stains and laughing on the names of the sanitary pads. Well, the joke was now on me. I had become a girl!

Well, the nightmare was not over yet! As soon as I went to meet my parents and see their reactions, I was shocked to see a group of aunties and uncles sitting in our guest room, gossiping! Great! It all seemed weird especially with everyone staring at me and giving me a secret smile! “Ladka bohot accha hai, engineer hai, mahine ke 1 lac kamata hai.” What???

I didn’t quite comprehend what my mom was trying to tell me, “Haan toh?” “Kya toh? Jaa jaldi paani leke aa.” I had no good feeling about this. My dad understood my perplexity and asked my mom to talk to me. She finally looked at my confused face and smilingly said, “Tera rishta pakka kar rahe hain.” That was it! I couldn’t believe what was happening to me, I got ready and left for office.

On the way, I saw my neighbourhood friends staring at me. What is wrong with people, haven’t they seen a girl before? With a hundred questions swimming in my mind, I managed to reach my office and was called by my boss into his cabin. Salary raise… Or promotion… or a new project. What is it going to be this time?? To my shock, he asked me to resign as he had got to know about my wedding from my parents. I wish I could slap him for giving the stupidest reason ever that I will not be able to concentrate on work once I get married. But I silently left. Followed home by a number of staring eyes, I managed to reach home and into my room. I couldn’t take this transition any more and started crying.

Life was perfectly alright till yesterday, I was a boy living the perfect life, enjoying my freedom and having fun with my friends. But today, I was a girl, my life had transformed and had intolerable barriers. I only wished at least my parents could understand me but sadly they didn’t. I wish nothing had changed, I wish I was not a girl anymore. Being a girl it is not easy! It is much more difficult than any office project I had ever managed. It is difficult to ignore your health cycles, staring eyes, marriage proposals and office chaos and still come home smiling! God, I now respect women more than I ever did! Hats Off to you ladies!

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