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Monsoons – Rains, Romance And Fun

The heat in summer makes people await for the drizzle and the augment of monsoon in the month of May itself. If we can trust the weather bureau, Monsoons have almost arrived which is seconded by the cooing of koyal and the cool winds.

Some like the drizzling rain because it is accompanied by the smell of mud which makes them stop to take deep breaths, which of course is of the wet soil. This is “Petrichor”, a term coined by the two Australian scientists who discovered this smell of the rains.

Some like going for long walks or trekking. Yes wearing Deck shoes and shorts is inviting. On the other hand, there are many who enjoy the Garam Pakodas with a hot drink like masala chai, hot chocolate or coffee. The starting of rains is enjoyed by almost everyone. It is only when it pours heavily people begin cursing the rains.

A drizzle is welcomed by all with quite a few enjoying the grumbling sound of the pouring waters. Just imagine a year without RAINS everyone would go to any extent. Rains are welcome by kids and elders alike for various reasons.

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There are women who like getting wet in the earlier rains to keep, their skin cool. The rains make everything look fresh and as clean as possible. So, for various reasons monsoon is liked by all. The cause for romances, you feel like cuddling your beloved to watch movies or listen to your favourite songs.

No Wonder, the Indian cinema loves the theme and we have songs likes “Ek ladki Bheegi bhagi si”, “Barsatmay may hamse mile tum sajan” with the actors getting wet in the rain.

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