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My Relationship Status – My Choice!!

“Beta…what’s your age?” “Aree… why aren’t you married?” “Are you committed in a relation?” “Oho… get married fast… varna age nikal jaayegi and you wont get a good man.”

Well, the list of questions, simply keeps on increasing, every time someone meets you in your house, in a society function or a family gathering. Why can’t people let a single woman enjoy her freedom, respect her choice to stay single for as long as she wants? And who says that you have to be Married to be Happy? So much for the double standards of the society we live in. On one side, they shout out loud for Educating the Girl Child and on the other hand, they Force them to get married, start a family and have babies to stay Happy??

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More than us or our parents, the society seems to be inclined towards getting us singles married. As if, we are a threat to the society, especially with us Unmarried at 30. Today Shweta Jha, who is working with IIM & yes, she is Highly Qualified shares her story of “Unmarried Women At 30’s”. She shares about her personal expressions through words about the Indian Mentality & Thoughts that Cloud-cuckoo-land in the minds of others.

Few of the most common but irksome questions you are haunted with!!

What’s your age?

Where do you work?

What’s your salary?

Over and above that….

Are you able to manage work and home well?

And I go like: Go get a life man!

“Such Uninteresting questions are something that bothers the inner-peace. Why can’t they simply keep up with their own business than trying to pull out things from my life??”, questions Shweta.

One must understand that marriage has got to do more with inner desire rather than external forces. No person really wishes to remain single forever but circumstances and individuality often over-arch the relationship oriented decision-making process.

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Many times, a woman feels that she can be free without marriage and truly wishes to stay that way. So, being single or not is entirely up to her discretion. Since, this is a technology-driven age, a lot of help comes from online platforms like “Women Planet” wherein women empowerment, freedom, etc. matter.

It can be said that the world is a mixture of judgmental as well as really genuine people who believe in equality and practice the same wherever and whenever possible. In a personal statement the parents must also support the daughters as they are “Independent” and stand strong just as their SON. In this circumstances, the support of parents, relatives and friends are much appreciated.

To be honest, just follow what a few have said,” If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

Had it not been a norm in cultures across borders, I am sure of almost half of the world remaining single throughout life. It has been interwoven so well that it sounds almost impossible to live without marriage. Contrary to that, take examples of Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Mother Teresa and so forth, who never got hitched but contributed in unimaginable ways to the well-being of the society.

The only people who ask the above-mentioned questions have never thought otherwise and hence stay in the shackles of their beliefs.

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