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Nail Trends For Your Chic Spring Look!

Hello Girls!! The weather is changing, getting a little warmer and just before its full summer, it’s time to enjoy the beautiful spring season. Honestly, I am bored of writing about makeup and beauty tips for a while so I’ve been thinking of writing something else. At the nails bar the other day, I noticed that the trend of getting nail extensions is fast catch up. The fact that I always have to call my favorite nail bar for an appointment each time I need a refill.

So, today I am writing about what nails are going to be in this season and what I am wearing today. With summers, I would usually go for brighter lighter shades like fuchsia pink, yellows and greens or sometimes maybe a plain French manicure with a flower on my ring finger. But it’s not summer yet! There is still some time to enjoy the darker shades that have been very much in trend this winter and I haven’t had enough of them. Above all, the deeper colors make your hands look fairer, Lol!! I can do away with my hand scrub for a while that always feel like a burden to use and I always forget even though its lying right next to my hand wash.

Anyway, enough of those details.. I was talking about the color that I have now on my nails – it is wine. For a change I have done them in matte. The darker shades look lovely in matte. But you can only get this done if you have gel nails. Matte shades are not available in good nail polish brands as of now. Don’t miss my ring finger has a glittery gel nail polish.  I usually get an accessory on this finger but this time for a change I thought lets have glitter,, as I said out of boredom and I am getting very easily bored these days..uff! Time to try new things fellas.

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I am also posting a picture of my nails for you to have a look. Also a picture of my previous nails which I had done in off white with accessory on my ring finger. The white looks beautiful too but the only disadvantage is that any cracks, marks etc show easily on your nails and that’s when the paint starts to look dirty. But you have reference of both the colors to try. My favorite is wine until the weather gets hot then I will be trying some lighter shades. So go ahead and enjoy your new nails.

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