Pick The Right One: Lipstick Shades For The Indian Skin Tone!

Hello Ladies, I know I have been MIA for a apologies. I have been busy lately with my travel and the launch of my new lipsticks collection. So I thought I will write about right Lipstick shades for Indian Skin.  Neon shades might be in season but it’s not necessary that it suits your skin type.

Indian Skin is mostly yellow tone because of our warm weather so mostly all warm colors look perfect on Indian Skin tone.  One thing that is important to remember is – when you are buying a lipstick insist on trying the lipstick on your lips rather than at the back of your hand. Secondly, try a lipstick on an even tone which means wear a foundation or a light coverage BB cream, because usually any color will look good when you have an even skin tone.


Experiment on colors, try that red! Red is a beautiful color that suits all Indian skin tones. I have 3 different shades of red in my collection to suit all tones. Try Shade no.1, no.5 or no.8 from my new range. If you like playing blood red – no.5 is your color.

If you are wearing loud colors on your eyes, you might want to balance it with going nude on your lips. Try our Shade no.2 which is a beautiful coral tone. While no. 10 is a perfect nude to go with Black smokey looks. Shade no.4 can be a beautiful alteration if you like a little pink in your nude.


Indian olive skin tones look best in darker deeper shades. While Shade no. 8 and no.1 are perfect for dusky Indian skin. You can also try Shade no.6 and no. 3 if you like darker colors.. Go light on the eyes and the rest of the face with these colors.

Follow me on Instagram @shwetasachani to see all our lipstick shades. Hope you have fun experimenting with colors. Have a great rainy season!

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