Summer nude makeup

Nude Makeup Is The New In-Thing This Summer

Summer days, hot weather, pool parties…wondering what makeup to wear?

Personally I think its your choice,  what makeup you like. From nude look to very colorful, I wear both depending on what mood I am in. Spring calls for all colors  🙂

But for the sake of choosing a look that is non cumbersome in this hot weather, I would say nude look hands down. That said, what do you call a nude look? Nude look doesn’t mean not wearing any makeup at all. It just means wearing less makeup. I would choose the following products this summer to best suit my needs for a nude look.

  1. Face- Start with an oil free hydrating moisturizer. Conceal your under eyes with a water based concealer like MAC if your face is oily. Or any concealer if you are a normal skin type. Use a light foundation, preferably a BB cream or a mineral foundation. Both these will give you light coverage for summer. If you are using a BB cream then you can dust a light face powder above your cream.
  2. Cheeks – Go with no blush or choose a bronzer instead of a blush to give your cheeks a sun kissed glow.
  3. Eyes- All nude shades mixed with browns and bronze if you are going for a night out. You can check out my video here for a complete nude eye makeup.

4. Lips – If you are going with nude eyes, you can wear any color on your lips. Choose a light pink or sometimes just a gloss during the day. And a slightly brighter matte shade in Rose during the night

5.  Finish your makeup with a MAC makeup fixer – this will hydrate your skin and will be very refreshing.

Stay cool and drink lots of water!

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