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He Never Stopped Believing In Me Even When I Lost All My Hopes – Hiral Chavada

For all the women who have stopped dreaming and believing…

What are the things that you look for in your life partner? Openness, emotional dependency, sensitivity? I think these all things are basic. Understanding and actually believing in your partner’s dream when they themselves can’t stand by, is what truly makes my partner, my husband! He never stopped believing even when I lost all my hopes and faith in my own dreams.

I have always been an achiever, right from being a captain of my school to being among the studious kind, I have always excelled in whatever I have put my heart to. This spirit led me to actually start working while finishing my graduation. I never knew that teaching young minds at school will bring me a profound peace and satisfaction in my life. I was having a really wonderful time as I was heading the school and was managing both education and work life very well. But suddenly life came to a standstill when my parents asked me to get married.

Hiral Chavada

Hiral Chavada

Soon after getting married, I left school and remained quite depressed for the next few months.  My husband Mayur soon noticed that something was off. I was not the same Hiral he had married. I actually started finding joy in being married but my husband could see right through me. He somehow figured out that my passion was missing and he asked me to get back at teaching. I began taking tuition classes at home and was happy but soon confessed my wish to pursue higher education to my husband to which he readily agreed. I began distance education but due to my husband’s transferable job I had to start from the scratch every time he had to transfer. Nevertheless, I gained a lot of experience by heading schools as supervisor and principal. In the later stage of my life, I conceived a baby and my work life came to stagnancy for almost two years. Even though I and my husband were extremely happy with our new family life, we knew that I wanted more from life and wished to pursue larger things while taking care of my family. Again, Mayur came to my rescue, as he pitched the idea of opening a pre-school from home. This sounded like a brilliant idea as I already had a prior experience of handling schools.


‘Mayurhir’ Achievers Kinderland’ was the name we chose as this was something that was born out of my passion and his support and brain. So with my husband’s ideation and savings we set up this pre-school which received amazing responses from parents. And what’s more, the little kids were also very happy being at the school.

Success motivated me to take it a notch higher which required support from trustworthy people. It was increasingly becoming difficult for me to handle both professional and personal life, so one day I casually said, “How good it would be if you could help me out in handling this” and there he was again as a pillar right by my side. He decided to leave his job and help me in achieving my dreams. Initially it was difficult for us, but today when we look back, it has all been worth it.

From opening the first center, today Mayurhir Achievers Kinderland has 8 centers and we have our higher hopes and bigger dreams. An intimate family of 40 kids and 5 staff members has today turned into a big fat family of 120 including ancillary staff, teachers, center heads, partners and franchise owners.

For all the women reading this, never let your dreams die! I had Mayur to make me realize my potential but not every woman will be surrounded by people who believe in them, so they have got to be their own savior. If you can dream big then you can definitely live big. Faith has power to change the world, undoubtedly.

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