Girl Child Raped

Trying To Prepare Your Daughter For Future? Rape Her!

In order to make a child strong, we try to deprive them of fancy and luxurious things so that they are prepared for the worst in their future. But depriving a child from a normal childhood is ever going to make them strong? Is normal childhood really a luxury now?

“We wanted to train our daughter for future”, says the Russian couple after being accused of raping and torturing their own 12 year old daughter. This Russian couple, both aged 32 used to rape their daughter in order to make her ready for sex. While the father used to rape her, the mother used to torture her with artificial penis. As reported by a newspaper, the girl faced all these very frequently from December 2016 to March 2017.

The whole matter surfaced when the 12 year old went to see her doctor, after facing a menstruation problem. While checking, the doctor discovered that the girl is not a virgin. Later on questioning, the child opened up about the sexual abuse that she was suffering and the doctor reported to the authorities.

Despite the heinous doings, the couple had no regrets. In fact, the mother told the police, “Better us than some maniac” while recalling her own childhood encounter with rape. She herself was raped by her father when she was 13 years old and this was only to make the child future-ready as the couple believes that it is better for their daughter to lose their virginity and find out about sex from the father than anybody else. According to her, this process will only help the child to learn about the sexual life. She didn’t stop there. She went on saying that they even got her to take part in ‘threesome’ and was forced to sleep with them, in their bed.

We are asked not to trust strangers but should we be actually warned about our own blood relatives?

We try to speak about rape and talk at length on how to make our girls more strong to fight rape and molestation while people are trying to make their daughters ‘future-ready.’

Has the world really lost its plot?

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