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No Bathroom For Three Days – A Wedding Ritual Followed In Borneo!

The world doesn’t cease to surprise and make us go ‘Hawww’ or for that matter Oh My God things to know from the world around. At Women Planet, we have already read the tribes, where women shared husbands with their daughters and where teen girls breasts are burnt with hot rods and also about the female genital mutilation which surely did confound us.

As if these were not enough, we have one more weird ritual which is absolutely unbelievable, but we are helpless as they do exist and people like us have to worry about! Marriage is definitely a happy ritual for us which comes after plethora of hectic traditional rituals but not the same for some tribal people in Borneo.

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Newlyweds of Tidong tribe are married with their respective tribal traditions and rituals just like us barring only one thing that we in India do not follow. Here, neither the bride nor the groom are allowed to visit a bathroom for three days after the marriage ceremony is accomplished. Yes, I am not kidding! I have checked its authentication and this is true! Can you imagine how life would be without clearing your bowels or urinating for three days? I am sure this ritual gives the couple sleepless nights, not that they can even enjoy the best part, SEX!

For some illogical reason they believe that refreshing yourself with the bowel system and the urine may bring an unhappy marriage, infertility or death of the children once they are born. They also believe that forcing them to hold their bladders and poop for three days will strengthen the bond between the couple. God knows, what good they go to the mutual relationship bond but definitely they must be criticizing the ancestors and doing no good to their health!

To make sure the happily married couple should not be happy, the family members are given a task to keep these poor couple as prisoners, allowing them to eat and drink the minimal amount they can manage. Imagine, their dreams of first night or honeymoon gets into vain and all they get is do not eat-drink for three days, do not pee-poo for three days and do not complain each other for the smell they inhale of the ripe farts.

After the three day deadly ritual is over, the couple is allowed to attend their natural calls which is followed by the world’s most satiating bath. I feel pity on the couple, I mean don’t you think young men and women freak out to get married? I may think not just twice but ten times! Holding on to the natural calls for 72 hours will affect the health causing higher stage if constipation, ulcers, pimples, headache, stomach-ache and unbearable gases and god knows how many problems. Hope someone from this tribe reads this and consider it for the welfare of their people.

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