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Pregnant and Traveling – Watch What You Eat While On The GO!

Pregnancy is a whole new experience for women and having a little one waiting to pop, changes the entire concept of traveling. We can say that once the child is born the life does become a bit easier but traveling while the child is unborn requires a good amount of effort and care.

Every year many pregnant women set out on healthy Epicurean tours and cruises to satisfy and relax their soul and many of the working ones travel for the sake of their job/business during the early trimester of their pregnancy.

When on the go, you always have the option to take care of yourself and maintain the health protocols by making healthy choices. What matters most is how you intend to fill up your belly once you are in the car or the plane.

To keep yourself fresh and healthy while traveling, you need to make a few choices and prepare for them in advance. Let’s discuss some of the main things that you need to take care of while traveling with a baby.

·         Eating in an Airplane

Now that you are traveling hundreds of feet above sea levels and your airline has promised to provide healthy meals and snacks for you, consider having a backup. Regardless of the cabins and the amount you have paid to travel, many airlines consider cutting their costs by saving on the meals. The prepackaged meals might taste appealing but their nutritional value can be of no use for a lady carrying a baby in her belly.

If you are in business class and the management is offering fruits and healthy salads as a mean of snacking, don’t hesitate to try on some of the fresh varieties. However, contrary to that, consider packing some food for yourself. Some of the healthy yet filling food options can be:

  • Granola Bars
  • Soy Chips
  • Walnuts
  • Dried Apricots
  • Sandwiches from a nice bakery

Take Care of Your Hydration


When you are on the plane, you must be hydrated and have plenty of water with you. Of course, being pregnant already sends you to the bathroom several times a day and being in a plane toilet can be a bit daunting. However, make sure that you are hydrated at all costs and the flow of oxygen in your blood is smooth.

Refrain from using unsealed water bottles as they might be filled from tap water that is contaminated with bacteria and whatnot.

·         Eating In a Car

So you are on the road again to have a nice trip by the beach and your favorite vacation house or you are simply on the road because your boss wants you to deal with his clients who live in another city? No matter what the reason is, make your car your personal dining space.

Pack yourself some of your favorite foods from home along with plenty of water to make sure that you are completely hydrated. Some of the food choices that are healthy and a perfect replacement for unhealthy snacks that make you bloat instantly are:

  • Juices – yes chilled fresh juices
  • Cheese wedges because who doesn’t crave cheese right?
  • Fruit sandwiches
  • Your favorite sandwich
  • Milkshakes
  • Personal favorite: WATERMELON (in the summers)

Having a healthy selection of snacks when on the go will restrict you from hitting the brakes after a while when you feel like you are craving for a McDonald’s burger and some fries.

In the case of being on a long trip, make sure that you stop at a nearby supermarket and make some healthy choices.

·         All-time Eating Tips

It’s not all about traveling and eating at the same time –unless you are a food writer moving here and there on Epicurean tours or a pregnant woman (or both).

However, instead of searching for the most popular local restaurants or scheduling the best local tables you can find nutritious food and snacks and enjoy them daily as a pregnant traveling diet.

Here are some suggestions for women in pregnancy on travel food:

Avoid Foods that Cause Bloating

You are already bloated enough and in a few more months it will be much more than this. Bloating is a common problem that many pregnant women face. That heavy feeling in the chest and stomach causes you to remain uncomfortable throughout the journey.

Therefore, avoid foods that cause bloating. For example greasy things like chips and junk food, carbonated sweet beverages and even certain healthy options like beans.

Keep Eating Schedule the SAME

It really doesn’t matter where you are and what time it is – if it’s your mealtime, it’s your mealtime.

Whether you’re traveling for business or fun, don’t skip the regular mealtimes for a break. The baby is also used to them and you need to keep your blood sugar stable and avoid constipation. So, squeeze your regular meals in sightseeing, dining, or meeting.

Don’t forget to snack occasionally. If you are staying in a hotel, fill your mini-fridge with snacks that you love and have a ping at them after a while.

Stay Hydrated

Constipation during pregnancy is already common; add to the process and you may just find yourself extra stopped. While on the go, you need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and after a healthy pregnancy diet full of rich fiber (especially vegetables and whole grains).

Be Selective

Be selective because you are pregnant and you deserve to. But also be picky because your health choices will reflect upon the baby that you are carrying.

If you’re not sure, do not drink the local tap water. Keep away as always with foods, including unpasteurized milk or juice, which are unsafe during pregnancy, and anything you don’t know is safe to prepare, store or serve.

The Point is clear!

All the women traveling for the sake of work or just to enjoy a nice holiday before giving birth, it is extremely important that you take care of what you eat on the go and make healthy food choices as what you eat inflicts on the baby’s health.

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