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Q: I Am Not Able To Pass Through Interviews – Savita, Tamilnadu

Here is a question from the reader, and instead of replying to her personally I decided to answer it on the blog as many women are shy to ask this.

Question: Hi!! I am Savita from Tamilnadu. I am trying to get job in banks. But with the high competition, I was not able to pass through the interviews. I passed easily through the written exam but, everything falls apart during the interviews. Even people around me, have started de-motivating me as a result of which I am not able to concentrate on my exams. Please tell me how to overcome this problem Ma’m.

Answer: Hello Savita,

Thank you for sharing your problem!

Let me tell you, all the answers you need are already in the questions you have asked. As I can understand, you are smart and not afraid of competition. But what you Lack is confidence. You are giving the liberty to other people to pull you down. Confidence + Knowledge + Efforts = Success. 

In your case you already know your goal and you have a plan to achieve it. Follow the steps below to gain confidence and keep yourself motivated.

1) Self Talk: Every morning take out 10 minutes to talk to yourself. Sit in a peaceful place and say this to yourself: I am the artist of my life. I will make the best of today. 

2) Take up a hobby: Take up a hobby which helps you stay motivated. Mind you, if you are happy and you have a goal you will stay motivated.

3) Eliminate Distractions: When people de-motivate you, don’t let it bother you. Take it up as a challenge to be better every day. Take it positively. It is only when you feel and think good about yourself only that people will respect you. Don’t let their negative opinion bother you.

4) Lastly develop confidence: You are having problem in performing in an Interview. In personal interviews, your confidence speaks. It is never about how many people are competing you. It is solely about you and your confidence. Make your fear, your only Weapon. Repeat this before an interview: This is my thing. I am gonna put my best foot forward and dazzle everyone. 

Remember, your thoughts shape your life. Believe in your dreams and visualize. Your subconscious will respond positively.

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