Excessive sweating

How To Reduce Heavy Sweating With Help Of Food And Diet?

Every one of us sweat, but there are some who sweat excessively. Often at times if become a major cause of embarrassment as it leads to bad odour from the body. It is a common problems that many suffers around the world, and it is though not life threatening, but causes great difficulties to them who have it.

Even though the causes of hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating as medically termed, could be many ranging from neurological damage to tumors, heavy sweating can be triggered by emotions like feeling anxious, angry, frustrated and similar. It happens because our sympathetic nerve system, the one which controls and is responsible for sweat production, gets hyper stimulated.

Though as said earlier, the causes could be many, but what we eat and drink on daily basis, is one of the major causes.

The food that we eat has a great impact on our health and well-being – internally and externally. We are always advised to have healthy diet that consist of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and other essential food groups. Now, when our diet become less healthy, all sorts of problems starts occurring and heavy sweating is one such problem that is directly affected by the foods that we choose to eat.

Now, in this write up, lets know how and what foods we should include in our diet, so that we are able to control heavy sweating effectively.


  • Eat more of fruits and vegetables that are dense in water contents

Fruits and vegetables are dense in vitamins and water. These food groups are considered super healthy and helps us keep off weight, aids in digestion and also keeps our body hydrated at all times. Weight, indigestion and being de-hydrated are some of the primary causes that leads to excessive sweating.

Some great sources are – watermelon, papaya, musk melons, grapes, cauliflower, spinach and broccoli.

  • Make olive oil, your favorite all-purpose oil

The more you work, the more you sweat and this goes for our body too. The more it have to work hard to digest food, the more it will make us sweat. Olive oil is a metabolism and digestion friendly oil. It aids in this two processes of the body and makes digesting food smooth and easy. Some other benefits that you would drive from olive oil is a healthy and controlled blood pressure and low blood cholesterol levels.

  • Foods enriched with the goodness of calcium

Calcium, like any other mineral has an important role to play in the health of our body. One such role is the regulation of body temperature and control of sweat. Ensuring healthy dose of calcium rich foods like milk, cheese, yoghurt, almonds, collard and kale will further ensure that our body gets the needed amino acid, so that sweat is controlled by the proper regulation of our body temperature.

  • Eat health-friendly bananas

Bananas are power packed with the goodness of potassium and potassium works as an electrolyte that helps us hydrate. Well, this is not all- bananas are packed with other essential nutrients including vitamin B6 and magnesium that helps keeping us calm, happy and aids in proper digestion.

  • Sip on Green tea

The benefits of drinking green tea is not new to us. It has been attributed for many of its medicinal properties since the ancient times. One of the major impact of green tea is keeping us calm and composed by keeping the central nervous system relaxed and free of tensions, and thereby, it also is a good aid in controlling excessive sweating. Keep sipping on green tea, whenever you feel like drinking tea.

  • Embrace magnesium rich foods

Magnesium is elementary in fostering digestion and strengthening our immune system and its working. Improved digestion and stronger immunity helps curb excessive sweating. Almonds are great sources of magnesium. Other foods like soy beans, pumpkin and spinach are also great sources of magnesium.

  • The ever refreshing water

No matter how hard you try to control sweating from outside – applying strong deodorants and powders, taking regular baths or whatever, till the time your body is not able to control it internally, no outcomes could be expected.

Drinking water has many benefits and controlling excessive sweat is one such benefit. Water help in controlling sweating in multiple ways. It keeps us hydrated and hence our body temperature is well under control, it is a natural cleanser and rids the body of unwanted toxin and other wastes, it aids digestion, helps in weight loss, aids good sleep, helps in good mood and what not. The solution is simple – drink lots and lots of water.

As described earlier, excessive sweating is an internal body disorder that can be well controlled by the foods we include in our diet. There are certain foods also those which are needed to be completely excluded from our diet like processed and fried foods, caffeine and caffeinated drinks and foods and foods that have high fat contents.

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