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Subtle Things To Remove From Daily Routine In Order To Lose Weight

It is true. Small changes and certain omissions in our daily lives can show major results in the scale. Successful weight loss begins with small changes. It denotes small changes in our lifestyle and our habits. Now, you don’t have to scratch your heads and look for the holy grail of weight loss, as it does not exists. It is these minor and subtle things that once changed or removed can give you greater rewards and that too quickly.

Saying so, it is also a true fact that changes are not easy to make. And if these changes are in your lifestyle habits like eating, diet and other behavioral changes, are much tougher. It has been noticed that many begins with these changes and follows them for a day or two and also for a week or two, but eventually give up and fail, and finally they never lose weight. It is important to understand that losing weight is not easy as the word itself, and neither a quick fix. It required patience and the crux is; the faster you lose the sooner you regain back.

Let’ find out some of these removals that we need in our daily routine in order to lose weight effectively and keeping it off:

  • Remove all  and get starting your days with proteins

Protein is vital in supporting weight loss and also maintaining it, and while starting the day with high quality protein holds the key. Protein keeps you full and increases satiety all through the day. This further leads to reduction in unhealthy and unnecessary food cravings and also fat laden, dangerous for weight loss snacks in the evening.

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  • Stop fearing fats and make it your friend

The biggest problems with fats, is that it is the most feared food group. Many of us don’t know that all fats are not bad; actually some of them are so important that they are a must for healthy weight loss and other health aids. They help in feeling satiated and prevent binge eating. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are the ones that are very healthy and is a must addition to your diet. You can get them in avocados, nuts, olives and fatty fishes like salmon, herring and tuna.

  • Many of us believe that sleeping is just waste of time

In the fast living world of increasing demands and the urge to flourish, people have started believing that sleeping is just pure waste of time. It is just the opposite. Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation increases the stress levels of the body. It weakens our immunity, fogs our memory and we are always at higher risks of depression. And above all these leads to weight gain.

It’s just as simple as: Lack of sleep blocks the weight loss process, as the less we sleep the more time we get to eat and the more we gain as body weight.

  • Stop working and multitasking while are eating

This is one of the biggest mistakes that we all make. Especially at times when we are when we are powered through your work. We carry our foods to our working tables. But, the fact is that when we are eating, we should only be eating and concentrates on it. It is so because, it promotes mindless eating.

The best way is to step away from your work table and turn off the television while you are eating and sit on the dining table and eat.


  • Stop skipping meals, especially your breakfast

One of the biggest mistakes that we all make is by thinking that eating less by skipping meals is the best way to lose weight. We all need to change this. The truth is just the opposite. The more we starve ourselves that more we push ourselves to weight gain.

There are two reasons behind it. The first is that it makes us eat more in our next meals and the second is that it slows down our metabolism. When we eat less, our body turns on the emergency mode. It starts believing that we are food deprived and turns to storage mode. It starts storing the foods that turns into fats in the body.

  • Never give a miss to the veggies on your plate, eat them first

Never forget to get vegetables on your plate and make sure you eat them first. Eating vegetables in the beginning of your meals and especially when you are hungry. This will make you eat lesser calories. It is a natural habit to eat something the last or avoid if possible, something that we like the least.

Veggie helps us keeping fuller, enrich us with fibers and other valuable nutrient the body needs to stay healthy and lose weight.

These are few of the many subtle things that either we change or remove from our everyday life and make weight loss an easy and achievable goal along with staying healthy. But always keep in mind that weight loss is not a sprint, but a marathon.

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