Selecting Eyeglasses for Women According to Face Shape

Eyeglasses aren’t typically discussed as part of a beauty look, but in our opinion, they should be. It is because putting on a pair of spectacles can spice up your look just as quickly and easily as swiping on a red lipstick or a cat-eye liner. Whether you wear glasses every day, only on occasion, or just wear them on for a little extra fun, the frames you choose can ultimately decide how the world sees you— and, more importantly, how you see yourself.

So, are you ready to give yourself a quick little makeover with eyeglasses for women?

Read on.

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Purchasing eyeglasses for women is a big fashion investment. To choose the most suitable, comfortable, and fashionable pair, consider factors like your lifestyle–whether you live an active, sporty life or other outdoor activities–your fashion sense and personality, and most importantly, your facial structure.

Here are the four basic face shapes:

  • Oval

An oval face is proportionally balanced, with a slightly curved jawline that is slightly narrower than the brow. They are highly versatile, and thus most frame options look good on them.

  • Heart-Shaped

A heart-shaped face has a wider forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a narrower chin. Rectangle, round or square frame shapes are ideal for this face type.

  • Square

A square face is distinguished by a broad, angular jawline and a similarly broad forehead. You can go for round frame shapes.

  • Round

A round face is typically as long as it is wide and usually lacks sharp features or prominent cheekbones. Square/rectangle frames are preferable for this face type.

Below are a few trendy options in eyeglasses for women you can shop for online:

The Oversized Trend

These light blue glossy eyeglasses for women are perfect for those with a round or oval face shape. The oversized frame is so-in-trend, along with being extremely comfortable and lightweight. You can easily incorporate these glasses into your everyday wardrobe and make a memorable fashion statement wherever you go!

The Cat Eye Power

If you are looking for a pair of eyeglasses for women that can spice up your look in seconds, this is the one to go!

The elongated cat-eye frame in red is a fiery combination to make you the center of attention wherever you go. The adjustable nose pads help give you a snug fit and ensure they stay in place all day. Pair these with both formal and casual outfits to accentuate your style!

Vintage Rounds

Round eyeglasses for women are an evergreen style!

This gold and glossy round frame looks delicate and makes your confidence soar up. Ultra-light and comfy, round eyeglasses for women are ideal for square and oval face shapes. With features like anti-glare coating, scratch resistance, water repellent, UV 400 protection, and 12 months warranty, it’s hard to say no!

Clear Frames for the Win

Last but not least, the clear frames trend!

These suave and subtle transparent brown eyeglasses for women compliments all face shapes. Versatile enough to be paired with every outfit and on every occasion, these are a must-have. Style these clear frames with an all-black outfit to nail the look!

While hunting for your next pair of eyeglasses for women, make sure you go for reputable eyewear providers like YourSpex. They have a wide collection of eyeglasses for women that will leave you spoilt for choices. From metallic rounds to the latest transparent square frames, you can shop according to your face shape and personality. And what’s the best part? You can try on as many frames as you want virtually through their AI try-on. So, visit their website and shop for your next favorite pair of eyewear!

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