Sexting – Do You Know About This Latest Trend?

Disclaimer : Read only if you are above 18.

It’s her long love affair and all she talked about is what he said, how he looks at her, gifts he bought for her, how many times he has told those three magical words, etc. etc. And, all we bunch of friends had to do, was to listen her monotonous talks. “This is it? Are these the only things you guys do?” I asked getting too bored, only to be reminded by one of my other friend that talking about sex in India is always been a taboo.

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Text + Sex – Sexting, the current trend is what people in India would not talk much about. Agreeing to the fact that it is becoming more and more popular, we had to do a basic research and this is what we it revealed.

Women, are generally not the one’s approaching men for relationships or any benefits in kind. Kind! I am sure you are aware that the word ‘Kind’ here not only means being friendly, generous, caring but also means kisses, hugs, foreplay and exchanging the v-cards (ok, ok also the ones who have already exchanged!) 😉 Men are the ones who initiate the topic and women, loves and appreciates the same. But, how about women approaching men for the KIND gestures? The pure kind one’s. I know many girls and women out there dislike the idea, but not to worry, it is simple sexting, not approaching anyone face to face. Here, the mobile numbers, email address and social networking accounts play the ace.

I often wonder, why woman who demands upfront becomes slut and the one who waits for the THING to happen is considered dumb? Anyways, sexting offers both men and women to enjoy the explicit things irrespective of being in a happy or sad relationships. Here, no society is watching you to judge the nuts out of you. Sexting can boost your sexual satisfaction. If in a casual relationship with the man you know, what’s wrong in talking about sex on text? Everybody knows what SEX is, and every adult performs it, so what’s a big deal if you and the guy are ready to have some consensual sexting? Well, I only see harm in sexting if one is bombarding explicit nude photographs and messages to someone who has already expressed a red light!

Research shows there’s no harm in it, instead it is healthier for the couple in a troubled relationship. So, what are you waiting for ladies, pick your phone and text.. sorry SEXT your husband, boyfriend, fiance: “I wanna talk some explicit things to you. Are you in?” And wait for the responses that are going to be hurled at you. BTW these days, new emojis have been introduced to make sexting more interesting!

In India, women in metropolis have been enjoying sexting since years and this is what they have to say about sexting. Believe me, they are cool to even sext any casual men and it’s a turn on for them! Damn, how cool are they. Watch those pretty girls here:

What’s your take on texting? Is it good for the society? or It’s completely ok if two people have agreed to keep each of the other’s privacy limited to themselves?


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