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Silly Excuses Women Make To Ditch Work!

To all the Bosses – Don’t let the ladies sell their silly ideas to you. BEAWARE!

Working in a corporate place is always fun, but at times too boring as well! To one and all, here are a few really silly EXCUSES that dear Women make to ditch work.

We have a few ladies coming up with their quotes to make the topic more gripping and entertaining. P.S No Offenses. I am sure this would certainly be a treat for you to read. Here you go!

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1. No Electricity: “Yesterday night was horrible. No electricity! Could not sleep properly. I need to have a proper sleep”. Vivian Mathews (An H.R.)

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2. Got Burnt: “I got burnt Off! I did not realize I had put on the geyser (in really hot weather). This torture is annoying me. Won’t be able to work today”. Priti Vyas. (A Nurse)

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3. Wrong Driving: “I got caught for driving at the wrong side. It took me two hours to convince the person that I will not repeat again. They have my vehicle in their custody. I am in big mess.” Shruti Purohit. (A Banker)

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4. Sick Pet: My pet needs my attention. I need to take my pet to vet. It’s Very Urgent. Harsha Bedi (A travel Agent)

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5. Husband Trouble: “My husband is in trouble. He has severe lose-motions. Need to take care of him.”  Shalu Patel ( PHP Developer)

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6. Insect Bite: “I got stung by some dangerous insect. I am in pain.” Debby Simon. ( Social Media Marketing Executive)

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7. Dental problem: “My wisdom tooth is making me uncomfortable all the time. It’s an extreme toothache. I am feeling helpless.” Ankita Chavan (Interior Decorator)

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8. Heart Break: “I had a break-up and I am in depression. Badly need rest.” Shavy Bansal  (Photographer)

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9. Vehicle Issue: “I locked the keys in my vehicle itself by mistake. I live in outskirts. Catching a public transport is difficult.” Aayushi Shah. (Student)

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10. Slippp: “I was dancing in my bathroom & slipped on the floor while stepping on the soap. Got a severe muscle pull. In Bad Pain.” Khyati Dave. ( Teacher)

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11. PMSing: “I am PMSing. Mood Swings. Barely can handle myself. Cannot Work. Please spare me.” Kruti Shastri. ( Radio Professional)

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12. Drunk: “Yesterday in a party, someone had accidentally put Liquor in my drink. Did not realize & drank a few similar ones. And now feeling Pukish and dizzy.” Amy Kaur. (Student)

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13. Itchy Allergy: “Having Allergic Reaction due to medicines. My body is itching and I simply want to stay alone. I don’t want people to bother me.” Arpita Das. (Model)

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14. Bikini Wax: Had a Bikini Wax. Can’t even stand and walk properly. It’s really hurting me down there. Daina Christian. (Socialist)

I am sure you all must have encountered such silly excuses. You can share your quote as well. Next time please come up with something brand new. Well! As we all know that women and excuses always go hand in hand. Those excuses would hold a soft corner somewhere down the line. What Say?

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