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10 Simple Psychological Habits For A Smart And Beautiful Life!

Often we are worried on certain things we are unknown about. We try all our best to get our mood swing up, or at times we even try to win certain situations with our gestures, long conversations,gits and what not! Less do we think about psychological connections that everything is attached with, the more we struggle to be happy and find the solution for the question.

Yes, we can be happy, we can win a situation or we can understand yourself and better others with these simple psychological tricks that you can follow as habit. Note them all:

1.Laugh in a group

It is found that, when we laugh in a group we make first eye contact with the person we feel the most closest to. So, if you wanna know who feels you are the most closest person for them in their life, just keep an eye on everyone’s eyes!

2. Mirror, Mirror Where You Are?


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Whenever angry or annoyed at someone you couldn’t resist but to shower your words of wisdom, just look out for the mirror, do not that bad person for anyone. Just look at the mirror and you will be calm down, as you will not be able to see yourself that bad!

3. Nervous? Not anymore!

Some are conscious on stage, to walk alone in a room filled with people and someone like me is super conscious while giving presentations. At this point or better to be ready before, one should think that, everyone knows me and loves me as much as you do! This will increase your confidence with little nervousness!

4. Just Change It!

We get tired standing, sitting or in any posture we are in for several minutes to 1-2 hours, of course, no questions asked! But we can relieve our self by just changing the posture, ( or the way we sit/stand) from the one that we were onto.

5. Just shout Yeaaaahhhhh!


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We understand, how tough it is to wake up in the morning. We try boosting our energy faster but nothing else than 1-2 hours get’s us on track. Now, here’s a simple trick, just shout out loud when are unable to shoo away your lazy mood.

6. Choose Your Words!

Unfollow the words like ‘I think’, ‘I am not sure’, ‘I believe’, etc to boost your confidence. These words are the examples of low confidence in oneself!

7. Smile, As much as you can!


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Carry a smile wherever you go, anytime! It will make you feel good about yourself and likewise others will feel good about you!

8. With Different Style!

Just when you think there’s an argument and you want to give your viewpoint, which is contradictory to the opposite person, begin your statement with .. “Yes, … but….” This would keep the atmosphere a little low.

9. Noticing is good, sometimes!

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You might be wondering at times, whether the opposite person would be interested in your story or is just doing a formality? In this case, all you have to do is check the person’s’ feet, if they are pointed towards you, then he/she is interested to listen to your talks and if not, then he/she should be understood busy.

10. Take A Tip!

If you want someone to do your task for a longer period of time, give them the simplest task first and then gradually increase! This is the highly used trick!

I have learnt a few already, Have you?

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