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Small Gestures That Define Love In A Relationship!

I can write books describing ‘Love’, can speak about the same for hours together.. it’s endless we all know for that matter. People spend millions around the world to showcase their love for partners, but trust me it’s not always money or things bought from money. Small gestures and expressions filled with affection are far away better than those temporary expensive gifts.

These, little yet the most expensive gestures are going to live with you forever in your mind, in your heart and soul. Here are some of the ideas you can try for your man today:

Love Gestures

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1. Hug him as and when you get a chance

2. Pack a short but sweet note in his tiffin box.

3. Prepare his favourite meal.

4. Write ‘Lots of Love’ on his Sandwich with Sauces.

5. Wear anything he loves you to be in.

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6. Snuggle in his arms.

7. Always pay attention to what he has to say first and then put your say.

8. Call his best friends and surprise him any day.

9. Leave a sexy note in bathroom mirror before he checks-in.

10. Create different alerts on his phone reminding them how much you love him.

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11. Rub their back for no reason.

12. Encourage them in their favourite ‘to-do’s’.

Love Gestures - 4

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13. Be with him in his hard times. Just say it’s going to be alright with we being together.

14. Play with his hair.

15. Last but not the least, Kiss him when he leaves for work.

Actually there are so many other things which you can do to him, to express your unconditional love for him. Try maaro yaar, actually you don’t even have to try, just do these and he is all yours for eternity. Love, Laughs, Hugs, Smiles, Surprises, Repeat and infinite!

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