Sorry Maa: It’s Never Too Late To Spend Some Time With Your Mother!

We all know that mother is an Epitome of love, dedication, sacrifices and compromises that she lives with for the welfare of her family. It means a world to her when it comes to her children. If there is any word beyond ‘best’, she gives that in raising, praising and caressing her children. But the same is not given to the mothers, lucky are those who receive a proper attention when they grow old.

In the world where everyone wants to enjoy a bit of everything and desire to be successful in a limited period of time, we forget to give some time to your parents. We tend to hurt them for no reason, they become the thrash where we accumulate our frustration and those tried failures. Reason? Your mother asked you to stay back at home and sit with her! Because she thought your phone should be charged fully and while doing that she mistakenly paused a download!!

These are just few examples where you unknowingly hurt your mother,  in reality there are many. It’s not too late, you can bring a change right away. Spare some time for her, so that later when she is unavailable for you… there’s no need to say sorry ma!

Watch an amazing Video by ScoopWhoop which describes the relation between a mother and her son who has his own priorities but later regrets them all!

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