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Sweating Out With 5 Outdoor Summer Workouts

It is time start your work out and sweat for the right reasons! Summers are the best time for outdoor workouts. In India, summers give you a great window to workout with long and brighter days just before the monsoons set in.  Here are five outdoor summer workouts you can try for a better health!

  1. Walking/Jogging


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The human body tends to burn more calories walking or jogging outdoors than working out on the treadmill.  A big advantage is it challenges your balance and stability with all of the small obstacles, dodges, starts and stop. This will give you an advantage for distance walking as well as overall health as we age, maintaining our stabilizing muscles. Try mix it up with taking routes with incline and decline terrains, steps and uneven paving. Explore new places and walk enjoying your environment whilst working on breathing easy. With practice, increase your difficulty level and distance to challenge yourself.

  1. Cycling


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Cycling works miracles in calorie burning and is an excellent overall body workout. It gets your legs moving and your heart pumping without pounding your joints as it has a far lower impact and engages the muscles in the legs without as much force coming down on the knees. So, as long as you keep your legs pumping on your bike, it ends up being a smoother, lower risk form of cardio you’ll appreciate, especially if you’re recovering from an injury. Cycling also helps work on your balance and awareness skills.

  1. Swimming


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The best way to beat the heat is to get into a cooling pool and doing a few laps. It tones your core and is great if you are recovering from an injury and are eager to build strength. Swimming is known to speed up your metabolism and burn lots of calories. It is optimal for cross training and a highly refreshing workout which will leave you energized and ready to face the sultry summers.

  1. Yoga


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One season flows into another – each one brings its set of changes. Yoga helps its practitioners to cope with the changing weather in the best possible manner by training the body to cope with the environment. The basic breathing exercises and poses to increase metabolism, cool the body and calm the mind works magic in the summers. Take your yoga mat to the beach. Do some poses alongside the beach and breathe with the ocean as its waves lap up to the shores.

  1. Pick A Sportwoman football

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Summers are the best time to learn a skill or pick a hobby. Get out of the house and head over to the playground. Kick a ball around with friends, field for a wicket, score a touchdown, dump a few baskets or just rally across the net. Make it a fun activity by inviting a few friends to play with you. You will be working out, racing your heartbeat and burn some extra fat by just have good old fun as when you were all children.

What ever your pick from these five option may be, remember to keep well hydrated, breathe healthy, eat well and keep calm and never forget to have fun. If your workout is not fun its not right! Pick an activity which drives and motivates you to keep going. Include friends and make it a fun activity and hangout session. Just keep moving and in time you will feel the difference with a healthier heart, body, mind and lifestyle.

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