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The Safest And Most Dangerous Cities Of India For Women!!

Indian society has been considered solidly patriarchal, many women are given higher status only in ancient scriptures while they were bound to be at home, being inferior to men. Modern day women refuse to abide the traditional gender roles by claiming very good education, conquering the higher posts and achievements on various government and private sectors of India. Passion to success in other hand gives woman a right to assert their Independence. These are essential conditions for a better economic growth; however, with increasing number of crimes on women day after the other, the Image of India is in a Danger Zone or I should say already in it?

Solo women in foreign lands are asked to visit India only on their own risks. Forget foreign women, Indian women and girls think twice before they land in certain cities of India. Neither they  forgot the Delhi Gang Rape of 2012, several horrifying acid attacks nor the verbal sexual assaults they often face. This has given us a reason to compare Indian cities on the basis of their crime and safety rates. Be it your job posting, your marriage or a family re-shifting, one must note the figures below at least once.

According to the visitors virtual database of numbeo.com, here is the average index of  Top Ten Safe Cities:

1 safe cities

Top Ten Risky Cities

2 safest cities

Source: numbeo.com

The Rape Map


Image Source: s.wsj.net

According to The Wall Street Journal Reports, Rape is the most common crime committed on Indian women. The state that tops the crime rate is Jammu & Kashmir, followed by Central India. The top cities where rapes have been reported in higher numbers are Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Maharashtra; however, this is a 2011 statistics. After the 2012 Delhi Gang rape, there is an unbelievable hike in Rape rate in the Indian Capital.

The Chart Shows It All:


Image Source: thehindu.com

Post December 2012 tragedy, the increase in the rape rate is visible in the chart in the form of figures from major cities of India. The chart is a comparison of the data recorded of 2013 and 2014 year, which depicts Mumbai and Delhi in the danger zone.

If we look at the overall crime rate against women from 2012-13 in India, this is the scenario: Delhi tops in Rape and Dowry Deaths, Tamil Nadu records higher number of immoral trafficking while Uttar Pradesh has higher number of kidnapping cases and many other crimes against women shattered in various cities.

Cities That Are Best To Live In:

Vadodara: With the least crime rate and higher safety index, the big little city has topped the chart. Know as the Sanskari Nagari of Gujarat is also an emerging city of India. The city has seen a subsequent industrialization, booming MNC’s, high profile academic activities, and world recognized Indian festivals. Not to forget it is one of the best Cosmopolitan cities of India.

Surat: Not only the city holds the position of safe city but is also considered one of the most cleanest cities of India. With the biggest diamond Industry in the world, second largest textile Industry in India, and national level academics, the city has opened its gate for huge opportunity of employment and livelihood.

Chennai: Chennai, the cultural capital of South India is also the best city to live in recognized by the Institute of competitiveness. The city is second largest to export the IT Business and BPO services. The economy of Chennai is the result from automobiles, computer, hardware manufacture, technology and health care.

Mumbai: Though the city has recently faced few crime records, it is a city worth admiring. The wealthiest city of India, Mumbai is the New York of India. The GDP of central, south or west Asia is lower than that of Mumbai. Though buying a property here has shattered million dreams but the city continue to welcome people from all across the country due to immense opportunities and lower crime rates than other cities.

Pune: With the moderate crime level, the cultural capital of Maharashtra is known for manufacturing automobiles, government and private sector IT research institutes, education, management and training. The city attract students and professionals from India, South East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. As world class automobile brands have set up their green field facilities here, the city is the ‘Motor city’ of India.

Bengaluru: Though the crime rates have increased as compared to the previous years but it is lesser than other cities in north. The most preferred entrepreneurial city of India, the metropolitan has won million hearts all due to its national and international level education, modern infrastructure and IT sector. With ISRO, Infosys and Wipro the city always remains in highlights.

Visakhapatnam: Hitting on the top five lists in terms of safety and lower crime rates, the city also has skills that boosts the IT, Fishing and manufacturing Indian Navy Warships. The big Giants Google Inc., IBM, Accenture, TCS are to open in the city very soon. The city collectively also has bunch of tourist spots that are a redefined scenic beauty.

Chandigarh: One of the Union Territories of India, the city has very low crime rates holding the potential of emerging cities. The first planned city post Indian Independence is promised to get film city. Indian government is a major employer having 3 base here, it is often referred as pensioners paradise. It also ranks first in the quality of living standards. A city worth looking into!

Though there are several other cities worth living, the above are the best in India. The top crimes in India are Dowry, Domestic Violence, Rape, Sex selective abortions, Drug Distribution and Arm Trading, as the major chunk of crimes in India are against women, the statistics rightly shows if women are safe in a city, the crime rates are lower. Government has made laws to protect women, I wonder why it either takes decades to justice or it just never happens. The criminal cases die on official papers and files, while lawyers earn huge amount investing millions. There’s only one thing India can do with its law for women : STRICTLY IMPLEMENT!

Image Source: www.bharatvicharmanch.com

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