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Tips For Increasing Your Hotel Occupancy Rates

The hotel industry is witnessing plenty of changes today as the number of travellers is increasing by leaps and bounds. Hotels are facing intense pressure and competition since the present generation of guests is vastly different from previous generations.

Many of today’s are first-timers. Both business and personal travels have increased where travellers look for a different staying experience. The needs and demands of these travellers have changed dramatically. Staying experience has become a paramount factor for the guests, which makes them choose or reject a hotel. This has put all hotels under extreme pressure as bad experience is decreasing their occupancy drastically. This means a huge financial loss. Given that, we share tips and tricks to enhance the guest staying experience that would directly convert to higher occupancy rates. Read on!

● Easy check-in

The world today operates more on Smartphones than any other gadget. The lifestyle has become fast-paced. Given that, no guest would like a tedious and hassling way of reserving a hotel room and a time-consuming check-in. All required information should be at hand for a speedy check-in. If possible, get most of the procedure covered online, which increases the ease and comfort for the guests. The room must also be ready to receive them. It is frustrating to wait in the hotel lobby while the room is getting prepared.

● Hotel premises

A smart and attractive hotel premise is another major requirement, even for low-budget guests. Gone are the days when people would live happily in a shabby looking hotel. A clean and sleek looking hotel, an attractive lounge, common amenities like a restaurant and bar, a reading room, swimming pool, etc. are factors that would inevitably attract a higher guest crowd.

● Hotel amenities

The amenities that you provide to your guest go a long way in enhancing the guest experience. A low standard here often becomes the deal-breaker for most guests. The good news is that you can easily reach out to luxury hotel toiletries suppliers, the UK who can provide your hotel with high-quality toiletries that are bound to vow your guests and spread the good word about your hotel.

Few amenities that matter most to your guests include breathable bed linens, plump and plush pillows, soft and oversized bath towels, etc. A full-sized pH-balanced toiletry is also something that most take for granted. You must not provide guests with cheap quality that dries the skin or makes the hair frizzy and dull.

Complimentary refreshments and a little something extra like a plate of cookies is something that enhances the experience notches higher and makes your guests regularly come to your hotel.

● Eco-friendly and personalized amenities

Going green has become a fashionable trend today. Most businesses are also incorporating it into their policy. The same goes for the hotel industry as well. All the amenities that your hotel is providing should be preferably crafted from eco-friendly materials, be it the mattress, bedding accessories, toiletries, etc.
We are getting them personalized by crafting the hotel initials or some other avenues will further engrave the experience in the mind of the customers. Thankfully, leading and reputable luxury hotel toiletries suppliers, UK can offer them to you at affordable rates.

● Free Wi-Fi

Today, you cannot imagine a life without the internet. Hence, it feels ridiculous if any hotel does not provide free Wi-Fi. Today, it is no longer seen as a luxury but an essential amenity like your bed and toiletries. What’s more, it should be of standard quality and not with poor connectivity that makes its presence a mere formality.

● Local experience

The current trend indicates that guests are eager to experience something local authentic. Right from the room décor and design and a few local culinary experiences will impress your guests no end. They would always return for it the next time they visit the destination. Hence, it must be a part of your offering.

Wrapping up

Guest expectations have become pivotal for the occupancy rate of any hotel. While all cannot be fulfilled, especially on a budget; getting the basics covered and providing a little extra can work wonders and make any guest return always.

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