Virginity Sold – True Story

She was just 9 years of age when she was sold for just a handful of money by none other than her own FATHER. Forced into the SEX business, she and her mates were asked to please and satisfy the hunger of their customers in whatever manner possible, WITHOUT a CONDOM. But she escaped and today has the courage of surviving alone in this wicked world. She is a daughter, a very brave daughter of India born to some of the most inhuman people who Sold her Virginity. But is this her fault? Can’t she be happy like us and enjoy her life today?

Every year more than 1.26 million young girls aged between 5 – 14 years are sold to traffickers. There are 3 million sex workers working as child prostitutes from different parts of the globe including INDIA. Among these 3 million, 12 lacs are Girls from India, majorly belonging to the states of Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Darjeeling and Mumbai.

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Sanjaana, who was a victim of child prostitution but managed to escape says “They were ordered to please their costumers without using condoms”. She further added that “They were never allowed to move out. They were kept in locked rooms with limited access to the outer world, while their traffickers and parents moved around freely enjoying their freedom. There are no actions taken against her parents, owners and child traffickers.” Sanjana further explains that “She was always afraid of conceiving AIDS, as they were fragile to the circumstances, especially because they were not allowed to take the safety measures.” Today, people do not respect her but still she is happy. At the age of 22, she will dare to manage surviving in this wicked world alone.

I ask you, “Is your daughter a darling or a slave in disguise?” The world is very inhuman and crossing every height of cruelty. Why is that people do not have mercy on their daughters? She has your blood, your name, your features and still is considered an unwanted. Even a maids’ daughter can be educated and given all the dignity unlike other well off families. But selling her away for some money is not acceptable. It is a very evil and sinful act done to young daughters by their parents. And yes, Not even parents have the right to Sell their Daughters, sell their Virginity or their Soul.

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Forced into the SEX Trade at an early age, their innocent souls get stained with these immoral jobs. Their innocence, lost at an age when it’s time to play and study for a brighter future.

As a daughter myself, I fail to come into terms with the brutal reality of Sanjaana’s life. It is high time that parents act sane. We as daughters do not give you the right to exploit our dignity. We have the Right to live our lives the way we wish. Not on your terms and conditions, always.

Daughters represent freedom, beauty, pride and purity. But today, they are in the clutches of fear, horror, dirt and even brutal deaths. It is high time that we stop such practices on “Girl Child Trade” and make them responsible citizens. Provide the young girls with education and nourishment as there is a saying that “when a woman in the house is educated, they make sure that everyone in the premises acts wisely.”

The society and its thinking cannot be changed in 1 day or with just 1 Sanjaana’s life. It will take time and it will require us and the government to work hand in hand to save the Girl Child from the brutal life of a SEX worker.

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