10 Points that proves you are an Extrovert

Smart, Outspoken, Shy, Introvert, Charming and an Extrovert! Every day around us, we come across women of different natures. Right from your wife to co-worker, every lady has their own ways to represent themselves. Some are easy to talk to, while there are also others who are typically too shy to express their needs to you. But amongst all, meeting an extrovert is always pleasant, especially with their easy to communicate behavior. Here are the typical traits that indicate you being an “Extrovert” lady. Find out- Are you an extrovert lady?

The Ultimate Party Animal

party animal

An extrovert woman is always the one who would not only enjoy going to parties but also would love to do some adventure with her loved ones. They are the ultimate party people who would not mind going miles just to party hard and get drunk. Dinners, Dates, Functions and other Recreational activities would make them alive. They do not mind shouting loud and dancing like anything. They can be crazy without getting high or stoned.

The Saddest When ALONE

sad alone

An extrovert would always want to be the center of attraction. They are the eye candies of the parties. They need all of your attention. But when it comes to staying alone, they are the first to become upset. The word “Alone” suffocates them to the core. They are very much “People’s Person”. They love to be around people and can’t imagine staying back all alone.

The Miss Impossible & Witty


They are always funny and very creative. They will always have a plan that is out of the box and yet enjoyable. They are always addressed to be the heart of the group. Their comments and jokes are always a treat to listen. You always feel amazing to be a part of full-time entertainment channel in their company.

The Over-Friendly


They are over-whelming when they meet new people. They will always know the best way to behave and make them comfortable. They would be comfortable talking to any damn strangers as if they know them since years. They are not at all the “Chipkoo” kind of a person but they are simply loving and welcoming people.

The Ultimate Socialist


They are always found to be the most ‘popular’ amongst all types of women. They are the “Miss Famous” among the group. They are always up-to-date when it comes to the being part of all the grand and lavish events. They love to pamper themselves.

The Powerful Rechargeable Battery

powerful healer

Nobody can feel low when they are around you. They are the ultimate healers. They will energize the whole environment with their super charming presence. They would always keep everyone in good mood, including them.

The Natural Leader & Planner

natural leader

They are always the first one to initiate some amazing program and get together. They can be the best organizers. Planning a trip or a birthday party or any event, it is all their cup of tea.

The Best Speaker & Communicator


They are always loud and affectionate as far as expressing the feelings. They cannot be the silent waters. They are the loud woofers. They are courageous “to call a spade a spade” and are best at keeping the conversation lively.

The Most Talkative & Out Spoken

Young black baby girl talking on a toy cell phone

They simply cannot shut up. They have to always want to talk be it any hour. They are the most talkative and they are out spoken as well. They act manly at times and are always the part of the gossips and tantrums.

The “Visible” Happy Being

visibly happy

They are the most “Visibly Happy” ladies. The happiness is always tangible and this can make day of the others around too. They are always charming and carries wide smile in all the situations. They are the ultimate optimistic and strongest in dismay. They are the ones who can easily laugh at themselves.

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