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5-Minute Stress Relief Strategies

Stress in modern times is inevitable and omnipresent. The complexity of the modern life has increased our overall levels of stress and tension. No matter where we are in the world, we are constantly bombarded with news of tragedies and disasters within moments of their occurrence by twenty four hour television news programs. Our mobility has increased tremendously, thanks to the advances in transportation and communication technology. As the world becomes more complex, we become more stressed. Our spiritual evolution and our ability to recover our healthy homeostasis and equilibrium have simply not progressed at the same rapid rate as these technological stressors.

We are now exposed much more frequently to constant or chronic stress. When stressors are really acute but infrequent, our bodies have an opportunity to clear the stress hormones and return to baseline or normal conditions. However, when stresses are as frequent as they are in present modern times, our bodies do not have enough time to reverse the harmful psychological effects. We are constantly bathed in stress hormones, and we pay a huge physical and mental price. Therefore, it is all the more necessary to relieve stress daily and make stress management a habit.

5 Stress-Relieving Tips

By the end of the day, after finishing the day’s work, seldom anyone thinks of stress relief. Either people engage themselves with some mindless entertainment or engage themselves with social media and then go off to sleep anxious and dazed. When they wake up the next day they feel the same. And, this becomes a vicious cycle. However this can be broken easily by turning stress management into a habit.

There is no need to devote hours to stress relief every day. It just requires commitment to do the following stress relieving techniques everyday and make them a part of your routine.

1. Exercise

Exercise affects the brain while helping to decrease muscle tension. It also guards against physical symptoms.

2. Give time to Nature

Stress gets relieved naturally by spending time with nature. Research shows that levels of stress in lower in people who live in areas surrounded with greenery. Few minutes spent with nature can have profound effect on one’s temperament.

3. Watch Your Breath

Mindful breathing can have profound effects on body’s inherent physiological mechanisms and energy system. Rhythmic and mindful breathing oxygenates the body properly and balances the energy in the body.

4. Be Positive

It is a known fact that those who are optimistic can easily deal with stress and are more inclined and open to opportunities that give them positive experiences. Make a list of things in your life you are grateful for and make a habit to maintain it. Monitor your self talk and make a commitment to eradicate any negative self talk from your lives.

5. Meditate daily

Everyday make it a point to find a quiet place in your house and spend at least ten minutes everyday in silence. Try to meditate everyday between breaks. It will help you to decrease any stress and anxiety in your body.

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