5 Wedding Rituals That Are Weird, Cruel and Funny!

Attend any wedding across the world with different religions or ethnics, they are interesting and unique. You may always find something very different in every marriage you attend but they as they are always not about throwing the bouquet, hiding groom’s footwear or carrying wife in arms. It is actually more than we could imagine, you know the world is an amazing place and so do its wedding rituals and traditions.

There are some of the weirdest wedding traditions across the world that would surely leave you in the shock zone, yes they are so strange that some of them would make you cringe! Believe it or not we live in a world like these:

1.Showering With Trash!

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In Scotland there’s a wedding tradition where bride and groom are pelted with thrash and that includes rotten eggs, tomatoes and fish. It is believed that, if a couple can withstand the horrible odour they can cross any hurdles.

2.Wedding At The Tomb Side!

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At the tomb of an unknown Russian soldier in Moscow many couples display soberness and seriousness while they chose to get married here as a mark of respect.

3. The Gerewol Festival!


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In Niger, men are bedecked with ethnic jewellery and costumes to perform in front of the local women. Women of the tribe then select a man she liked the best for a potential wedding.

4. Beat The Feet!

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To make sure the groom doesn’t disappoint on his wedding day, his friends and relatives beat the groom’s feet with a cane or fish on the first night. The ritual can be painful but as it a very quick ritual people enjoy it a lot.

5. Spit The Blessing!

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In Massai, one of the rituals is very weird and Eww! Here, father of the bride spits on her head and breasts in a gesture to bestow blessings on her wedding. It is also believed that she then needs to leave the house with her husband and not look back, if looked back she may turn into a stone forever.

We have already read the Borneo tradition of not allowing washrooms to the newly weds, the Kyrgyzstan Bridal kidnapping etc, which makes a world indeed a surprising place to live in. Such are the wedding rituals, interesting, weird, cruel and funny! Have you come across any such wedding rituals? If yes then write to us below!

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