7 Side Effects Of Drinking Hot Water

We have always heard that drinking hot water has a lot of health benefits – there are numerous to list. However, have you heard that drinking too much hot water actually also has a few side effects? Some of these side effects can be detrimental to your life! Always remember, too much of anything can affect you in the wrong way. Let us now have a look at some of the side effects of having hot water:

hot water

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  1. Contaminants Mix Well In Hot Water

Direct usage of hot water from the pipe can be dangerous and harmful for your health. If the pipes are too old and rusted, the chances of lead particles to mix with hot water are higher. This is because, contaminants can mix well in hot water as compared to cold water. Hence, always take cold water and warm it in a kettle before use, instead of using direct hot water from the pipe.

  1. Imbalance In Water Concentration

It is said that drinking too much of hot water, even when not thirsty, can cause an imbalance in the water concentration in the body. Also, too much water at a time can cause swelling of the brain cells, which, in turn, could be perilous for a human.

  1. Chances Of Burns And Scalds

Consumption of hot water can easily scald the lips, tongue or the inner lining of the mouth. It can also cause blisters or ulcers in the mouth, making it difficult to chew or drink for few days! Hence, always check its temperature before gulping. This will save you from any burn or blister.

  1. Damage To The Internal Linings

If too much hot water can cause mouth ulcers and minor burns in the mouth, it can definitely affect the lining of the internal organs in the body. The organs most affected are the esophagus and the digestive tract, which have a sensitive inner lining. They are affected because the temperature of the hot water is higher than the body temperature, which they are unable to handle.

  1. Disturbance In Sleep

Just because you have read somewhere that hot water leads to increased metabolism in the night, doesn’t mean that you consume a surplus of it, just before going to bed. NO! Don’t even think of doing that as this will cause frequent urination throughout the night and in turn, will disturb your sleep pattern.

  1. Increased Load On The Kidneys

Your efficient kidneys have a strong capillary system to flush out the excess water and all the toxins out from the boy. This doesn’t mean that consuming too much of hot water will improve or fasten this flushing process. On the contrary, excess consumption will increase the workload of the kidneys, which will have a detrimental effect in the long run.

  1. Dilution Of Electrolytes In The Blood

Have you ever thought of the dangerous effects of consuming too much of hot water on our blood and our cells in the body? Too much consumption of water will dilute the electrolytes in the blood. This, in turn, will cause water to flow from the blood in to the cells in order to maintain a balance. If this persists, it can lead to swelling of the brain cells, which will exert cranial pressure and can cause headaches.

So, now that you have understood the side effects of consuming hot water, I am sure you will keep these pointers in mind. Be careful while consuming any kind of hot water – you never know, they would be contaminated with lead and other contaminants!

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