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9 Annoying Habits You Don’t Want To See In Your Partner

Well! To all the beaus, we ladies love you unconditionally but then we certainly have a right to share our views that would stand against. Here are few of the things from a Ladies point of view that a guy must mark. Yes! Surprisingly here are 9 such annoying habits that women hate in men, especially in their boyfriend.

1. Horrifying Bad Breath


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To all the men, women repel to your bad breathe. It is true that you are much comfortable in your skin and do not care much as “she” loves you unconditionally but you must always carry a mouth freshener while meeting your girlfriend.

2. Spitting On Road


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Women are known for their etiquette and so, Spitting is a Big NO NO! Dear men spitting anywhere you feel is not a good thing. This is certainly not a good habit. This will always make your partner uncomfortable and annoyed. You better see the proper place and then spit.

3. Getting Over-Friendly With ‘Other’ Ladies


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Women are possessive about their partner. It has always been like that and will stay the same for decades. And the last thing she would like to see is her beau flirting with her friends or other women.

4. Hogging Too Much

Hogging food

Yes! You must be a food lover but must act sane while going to someone’s place for the first time. You must not activate your “Hogging Monster” mode on. We would love to cook for you but that doesn’t mean you keep hogging all the time. If rats run in your tummy then a dragon inside us are about to burst on you. But rather getting annoyed we simply cover you for good.

5. Peeing In The Open Space

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Why don’t men understand that ‘peeing’ anywhere they wish at any time is not a good thing. You do not have to mark territories like animals do. This is very embarrassing thing at the same time it annoys ladies a lot.

6. Your “Extra” Put On Deodorant’s Extreme Smell

man deodorant

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There is always something sensuous about the smell of a man and women love it. But, bathing yourself with your favorite perfume or deodorant is an equally repelling habit. OMG! Ladies can feel like kicking you out of the premises if you bath with the damn perfume. The smell is equally suffocating and this annoys us like anything. Better “mark” in your memory to avoid extra loud fragrance and be sensible.

7. Awful Style Statement

style statement

Being presentable is something that men don’t have to be taught about. Girls like their boyfriends to be dressed well. Just as they wish that your lady love has to look good, even we as females wish to see you in good state. We like a well dressed hunk. So expect you to dress up well. Guys generally have a tendency to wear anything that they wish and they are fine with it. This is want annoys ladies. For our sake, please stop displaying your bad taste of dressing especially when you actually know “HOW” to look good.

8. Leaving the Toilet Seat Up

toilet seat

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After using the toilet, it would just take few seconds to “put down” the toilet seat. Why can’t men do this for their girlfriends? It is very common with all men leave aside your boyfriend, . This is something that really annoys girlfriends to the core.

9. His Cell Phone Keeps On Ringing At Wrong Time

man using mobile

We don’t keep on crying for always seeking your attention, can’t you be with us for a while keeping the world aside. What is so important that you are distracted so much and stay focused in your mobile? Throw your cell phone or keep me. Guys its your cell phone not your body part.

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