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Bangles And Positive Vibes – Why Indian Women Wear Bangles?

India, a land of incredibility has its roots deeply submerged in spirituality of Hinduism. For every tradition Indians follow, they have a specific scientific and religious reason working behind. From Bindi to Toe-ring, Vermilion to Collyrium (Kohl), every ornament that women wear has roots to a meaningful truth that we Indians today are leaving behind.

One of the popular and auspicious ornament that Indian women wear since centuries are Bangles. Originated in Hinduism, every other religion that came from various invasion in India accepted the fact and embraced it as one of their religious belief. Go on a busy market street some day and you will find Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist and Christian women showing their interest in buying colourful bangles. Like everything has a reason for its existence in the present, even wearing Bangles have its story. Have we ever asked our mothers or grandmothers for the Bangles’ History? Hardly someone would have, well let’s read why do we still follow wearing bangles.

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Bangles With Benefits And History

  • The traditional Indian Bangles were made of Gold, Silver, Glass, Conch and Ivory. Modern Plastic and Wood Bangles have added to this list
  • Bangles have its links to various popular beliefs and practises that vary according to the states
  • It is considered to be the symbol of prosperity, health and wealth.
  • Sound generated from the clatter of bangles generates positive vibes and it also shuns the negativity from the house.
  • The same sweet clatter protects woman’s body organs and keeps it healthy.
  • It is also believed to protect women from evil spells.

The Basic Explanation

According to Hindu scriptures, when the bangles clash with each other while hand movements, the Kriya Shakti (action waves) emerge and activate the Surya Nadi (sun channel) of women. Through Surya Nadi, Shakti is emitted around a woman’s body that protects her from the evil energies and negativities of the atmosphere.

In ancient ayurveda, it is stated that bones of women are weaker than those of men, bangles made of gold and silver absorbs the energy, which was transmitted to the body improving psychological and physical functioning. It is also mentioned that the constant friction between bangles and the wrist ensures good blood circulation. The great scripture also has mentioned how the bangle metal absorbs the energy emitted by the body and returns back.

What Is Advisable?

  • Depending upon the number of bangles, specific amount of energy is created. The prescribed numbers are 3, 6, 8 and 12.
  • Young girls are advised to wear least bangles while married women are advised to wear more number of bangles
  • Designer and Shiny bangles reflect the positive energy and hence it is advisable to use more of Glass and metal based bangles.

Wow, I never knew these amazing truth, unfolded now. So ladies, it’s not just the ornament but it is a tonic of health and a tradition that we can follow with fashion. So keep wearing bangles and be beautifully healthy.

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