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Best Jobs A Woman Can Continue After Getting Married!

Indian women are known for compromising with their careers post marriage and completely put a stay once they begin the journey of motherhood! But why do so, when you have plethora of options that gives you the liberty to work alongside giving equal importance to your new family? We understand you need a supportive, caring husband and his family to back the career options, but we are sure every educated guy out there extends his helping hand and generous heart when asked upon your wishes to work. Won’t they?

Well, here are the job options you can choose to have an awesome career and personal life managed:

1.IT Professional

IT Woman

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As most of the IT companies give you an option to work from home or if not that, they are liberal enough to take you short home visits. Interest is must though!

  1. Blogger

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If you have a knack of sharing some good opinions online, then this blogging thing would be a gift for you. You can either work for a blog or can just have your own blog which would just require a good internet home connection!

  1. Freelancing

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Again, if you are good with words, graphics or web designing and can make them dance in every style, just write! You can be a content writer or a designer on freelancing basis and can be at home managing the family and working at the same time.

  1. Small business

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The best of all, which also come with the financial risk; however, a try is a must! You can own a beauty salon after doing a certified course! Can also buy a franchisee of a local coffee bar or can also be a chef at home and begin the tiffin service.

  1. Professor/Teacher

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The best job one can do along with increasing their level of knowledge, pay and quality time with family and friends is of a Teacher or a professor. Believe me it is a relief when you get to align your vacation to that of your child and have plenty of time to visit your parents.

  1. A Fashion Designer

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If you are working as a fashion designer for a brand or for other designer boutique, then time flexibility is required; however, if you are financially good and have your talent in fabric designing, who stops you to open your own boutique? It gives you an option to make your own schedules!

  1. Social Media

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The Online social media sector is a boom in India. All you have to do is either begin a blog – (Missmalini), Youtube Channel – (AIB) or cooking channel which also yields you enough money besides the time!

  1. Banking

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The banking sector, except for the days in March, gives you very less hours working shifts. It is awesome even more if you choose the government banks to work in, you get all the national holidays as holidays! The jobs here are also women friendly.

These professions are not just limited here, if you are a woman who are not made for 9-5’s, then the world is waiting for you. Go and dig into the pool of vast options the world has got for you. Moreover, if you are looking to save time and spend the same along with your family and friends while earning money simultaneously, then little compromises are a part of it! Who doesn’t? It’s everywhere!

The most important point while selecting a particular profession or a job is ‘How much you love the profile?’, ‘Are you interested much’? Once this is answered, the selections becomes more easier.

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