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Beyond Water – Staying Hydrated in the Winters!

Winter is on its way and so are the various health issues like dehydration, dryness of the skin, rough lips, loss of skin luster and smoothness, etc. etc.! Obviously we love winters, but how can we combat these health issues? One of the major problems among these is “DEHYDRATION”! Yes, I am sure most of us face this issue during the chilly winter days. Let’s combat it together by keeping some basic and easy pointers in mind:

  • Keep your water bottle with you all the time – Yes, this is the most basic and important way of keeping yourself well-hydrated! It sounds a bit difficult, but believe me, it’s the most natural way of protecting your skin, hair and body from the harsh effects of winter! Water is one of the ways to remove any kind of impurities from our body. With the unavailability of water, our body finds another route to remove such impurities, for example, through skin pores, resulting in skin breakouts! I am sure that’s the last thing any female would want during winters!
  • Out the whole day? Grab a fresh fruit juice – I can understand all those common issues of unavailability of any kind of liquid when you are out. Don’t worry, gulp down a glass of fresh fruit juice (make sure it’s made in front of you, fresh! ) and you will quench your thirst in minutes, along with grabbing the benefits of a fresh fruit.
  • Our traditional “chaas” (buttermilk) – Yummm… a glass of homemade chaas is one of the best traditional drinks to keep you hydrated, plus it gives you the additional benefit of increasing your protein intake throughout the day! Make sure you use a good quantity of fresh curd as compared to the water added in it!
  • Warm up your body with hot beverages – Lemon tea, ginger tea or any other herbal tea, are all welcome. Sipping on an evening herbal tea is the best thing to warm you up from inside and out, during the winters! Additionally, a cup of tea will make you feel full stomach, thus helping you in managing your weight!
  • A glass of fresh nimbu- pani – For Nimbu Sikanji lovers. Drinking a glass of fresh lemon water is like getting a pitcher of sweet honey in a dessert!! Additionally, lemon acts as an excellent antioxidant, keeping you fresh and active. The vitamin C in the lemon also plays an important role in combatting your skin related issues during winters!
  • Avoid excess of soda, coffee or alcohol – Yes, make this your thumb rule, as an excess of these can actually make you more dehydrated!

So, go ahead, enjoy your winters without the fear of dehydrations and its harsh effects on your body!! Stay hydrated, stay healthy!!!

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