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Can a Better Body Come From a Pill?

I would say Fortunately No! There’s No Magic Pill for Weight Loss.

Open your internet browser, and your computer screen is bombarded with ads of some new miracle drug guaranteed to help you lose weight without having to diet or exercise. Claiming it’s something new and outstanding found in the depths of the Amazon rain forest or a secret compound that experts don’t want you to know about, there’s no shortage of companies willing to take your hard-earned money and sell you what ultimately turns out to be some stupid oil or pill.

Reality is: Despite what that pop-up ad tells you, there’s no magic way to shed pounds.

And think about this… If you could just take a pill instead of dieting and exercising, everyone would already be doing it and successfully had gone slimmer than ever!

Mind Over Advertisements

Amongst the most popular supplements seen online these days are, green coffee bean extract and garcinia cambogia which manufacturers advertise as having fat-burning and metabolism-boosting benefits that are “clinically proven” with no side effects.

The fact is that since these supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, the manufacturers can make false promises they don’t have to deliver on. Most of these supplements advertise themselves as “natural,” in an attempt to only entice people who are afraid of putting chemicals in their systems. What’s worse is that the manufacturers don’t have to disclose entirely what their products actually contain. A product can advertise itself as caffeine-free, but still have caffeine in it. Also these products often contain fillers in them that don’t have to be listed. And even if the active ingredient the company is vouching for doesn’t have any side effects, the fillers might.

Again many of these over-the-counter weight-loss pills in the market come with side effects that are not at all worth taking. They are meant to block your body from absorbing the fat you eat in your food and the side effects include fatty and oily stool, gas, discharge and more. It’s ridiculous!

The Bottom line fact is that weight loss takes time and effort. You have to watch what you eat and exercise.

Putting in the hard work is the only way to shed those pounds and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can get the body you want. Change your nutrition habits by cutting down on sugar and junk and processed foods, exercise regularly​ ​and understand that you won’t see result immediately. There’s no magic pill. It starts with a real true acceptance of that and knowing that it’s going to take a lot of effort. But then ultimately, it’s all worth it.

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