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Can You Use Coconut Oil To Fight Cellulite?

Cellulite? Have you heard of this? Do your ears ring a bell on hearing this name? Yes, Cellulite is a widespread topic among todays’ men and women, both. Cellulites are dimpled appearances on the skin, hanging loosely on the body. The most prominent affected areas are the abdomen, lower limbs and the pelvic region. However, other body areas can also be affected.

The prime reasons for cellulite formation is faulty eating habits, lowered metabolism leading to increased fat depositions. Few other causes to be listed are:

  • Lack of regular exercise
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Excessive drinking and smoking habits
  • Health conditions
  • Certain medications

Now, there are various methods to tackle with this grave problem – invasive techniques and mechanical procedures. However, its efficacy varies from person to person. I was surprised to discover the role of coconut oil in removing cellulites!! Yes, that’s true! Coconut plays a vital role in managing these dimpled appearances and in making them disappear forever!! Let us see how….

coconut oil

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Consumption of coconut oil: I know it sounds weird to consume coconut oil on a daily basis! However, with its increased benefits, you can include it at least every alternate days in your cooking methods (you must have seen South Indians cooking their food in coconut oil only)!  Alternatively, you can have 2tbsp of coconut oil, just before your workout, in order to speed the [process of ketosis or fat burning.  Coconut oil induces more energy into the body and indirectly speeds up the metabolic rate, which aids in fat burning. If paired with proper exercise and diet regime, it can work wonders for your body!

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– Coconut oil massage: Regular massages with coconut oil OR Coconut oil mixed with other herbal oils like lemon oil, primrose oil, etc. can prove to be very effective in treating cellulites. An excellent way is to slightly warm the oil and apply it on the cellulite area and massaging it lightly. Regular application makes the skin look younger, smoother and toned!

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– Dry brushing of coconut oil: This is one of the oldest and easiest method of removal of cellulite! The correct way is to take a hot shower initially, which will open up the body pores. Then, take little coconut oil and apply it on the affected areas. Using a dry brush for massaging the affected area, gives it a smoother and toned appearance! Dry brushing helps in improving the circulation, tightens the epidermis and also breaks down the toxins that are held up in the cellulite formation.  A significant change is seen over a months’ time! However, make sure you have consumed a good amount of water before “dry brushing” which will help in removal of toxins from the body.

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– Coffee and coconut oil scrub: Make this extraordinary scrub by mixing extra virgin coconut oil, ground coffee powder, little brown sugar, ground cinnamon powder and little vanilla extract (optional). Mix well in a bowl and apply on the affected areas. Coffee is very effective in fighting and reducing inflammation; while coconut oil helps in dissolving the fat and induces its anti-ageing properties. Cinnamon gives the skin a wonderful glow and prevents it from any rashes, eruptions or allergies.

Hence, go ahead and use this magical substance in your daily routine to get rid of the widespread “cellulites!” It’s time to look more toned, healthier and skinny!

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