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Women, The First Change Makers For An Eco-Friendly Environment!

Environment, the place we live in, is itself becoming a depleting resource any living being has on this planet. Growing population, super technology and animal species extinctions are landing us in a dangerous or I should lethal problem! What are we doing? Governments, Organisations, schools etc are taking tiny steps to educate, prevent and to use biodegradable routine things in order to sustain the mega global warming monster, but are these enough opposite the giant pollution that we humans have created?

Animals are already contributing to the environment by not using anything human made but as we have spoiled the home we live in, we need to clean and fix it! Every person – Kids, youngsters, old people, men or women everyone has to contribute and then a small step would be taken towards a greener and healthier planet.

While everybody can save the environment, here being on Women Planet we urge the women to cultivate these small activities to make a difference:

  1. Right Usage of Menstrual Protections

Menstrual Cup

Image Source: www.cocnguyetsan.vn

If an average woman uses 15 pads every month in her menstrual cycle of average 40 years then she uses 9600 pads or tampons. Now imagine 7.3 billion is the human population, out of which 3.6 billion are female. Simply imagine the number of disposable pads or tampons used by at least half of the female population. Pads/tampons have plastic as their decomposition time increases, thus go for Menstrual cups.

  1. Use Led Bulbs

LED bulb

Image Source: lh3.googleusercontent.com

Why LED’S?

LED bulbs are better than CFL bulbs in terms of energy consumption, less energy emitters and have a longer life which contributes to a better environment and healthy humans. Central Government’s Ujala Scheme of 2016 initiated the distribution of LED bulbs at very low price keeping in the mind the effects on environment and to cultivate a habit of saving energy.  

Thus, reduce your electricity bill and conserve the environment.

  1. Accept The Innovations


Image Source: www.ecoideaz.com

Usage of menstrual pads is a hygienic protection for our body but what happens to environment we all have a little knowledge. The used napkins if left or thrown in open not only becomes a serious health hazard but also it takes 500 years to decompose. In order to curb the spread of bacteria and conserve environment, Swati Bedekar Founder of Vatsalya Foundation and her husband invented Ashudhinashak.

The new innovation burns many used pads at a time without letting so much smoke out. The pad turned ashed is then used in gardening or mixed with soil. Though this is not an individual usage product, one can buy and donate the same in rural villages, schools and colleges.

  1. Waste Management

Waste management

Image Source: www.nanima.co.za

Being a woman who is the most closest person to the Kitchen and to the cleanliness of the house, it is advisable to maintain different bags for different kind of wastes. Try composting your biodegradable waste & call dry waste recyclers to safely dispose dry waste like batteries, tube lights, plastics, glass, thermocol etc.

Let’s not criticize the system and gossip on what they are not doing for the people and the environment we live in but first be the change and then inspire others to follow your footsteps. Let’s together create a healthy and beautiful home for us and for the future generations to come. Come, Be An Environmentalist!

Phani Trivedi, Founder at Waste.pro:

Women ought to tag themselves as change agents to see change. Women have to reduce home foodprint just like carbon footprint. Measure the food to be cooked, food serving size & plate size  be reduced. Reuse food leftovers at home, feed that to cattle or needy. Prevent cooked or uncooked waste from reaching dustbin & so the landfill.”

Happy World Environment Day!

Featured Image Source: www.amightygirl.com

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