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Do Funerals Cause Environmental Imbalance?

Death is uncertain but funerals can be DAMAGING!

With the death of a dear one, a void space is left back in our hearts. We grief, we shed tears and then bid farewell to the loved one with a proper funeral. But, have you ever thought how much our Environment suffers with the death of every individual on this planet? With every death, our dear environment pays its price.

Have you ever dared to question the traditional practice of a funeral to your elders? On the World Environment Day, lets consider the value of a pure environment around us and how we hinder its balance by increasing pollution with traditional funerals. Even the death of a person matters when it comes to environmental safety.

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In many countries, funerals depend upon the religion. In India, every year 50 Million Trees are CUT for Funerals. The sad part is that it releases 8 Million Tons of (CO2) Carbon-dioxide gas which is really harmful to the environment. The forest plays the main role in maintaining the balance of the ecological system. Nature creates no waste. Everything is recycled.

When it comes to Hindu Rituals of a cremation, it is observed that almost 400 KG of Wood is used PER cremation. Do you know that it’s one of the main reasons behind Global Warming! Have you ever tried to think on the other side of the dice as far as environment is concerned?

Also it’s observed that cremations are always near river banks. Why can’t people at large understand that it pollutes the river resulting into water pollution? This is something very unhygienic. It’s high time that people switch to Electronic Cremation. I feel sad to disclose that very few people opt for the conventional alternative. Today, there are large furnaces made to prosecute a funeral which also help save the environment.


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Mokshda Green Cremation System (Service provider) says: “Our motto is to promote energy-efficient and environment-friendly cremation system in the country and create awareness for its adoption by public to save forests and humanity.”

Also, when it comes to other religions like Islam & Christianity, biodegradable coffins are the best choice to make. On the other hand you can always plant a wildflower on the top of the grave. With the years, the plant will grow into a tree and this is how even the ecological system can be saved with the time. It is the need of the hour to go for wise choices when it comes to funerals & cremation. The eco-friendly ways to save our Mother Nature can do wonders. On the other hand, natural & green funerals would be the best way to assure the Environmental Safety. As a responsible citizen of the world, we spread the message of ‘Stop Polluting & Save Our Environment’ with a faith for a better and healthy life.

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