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Dangerous Hair Accessories – Your Life At risk!

One fine winter afternoon I was walking by the side of the road to catch an auto and suddenly a young lady came and hit me from the front. The wheel hit my right leg and I lost my balance. I felt straight backward injuring my head. And the only reason for my severe injury was my hair accessory (Jaw Clip). I had wrapped my hair with a jaw clip. Since my jaw clip was brittle and made out of plastic, it broke into pieces and a small piece of the same jaw clip broke into my head. This accident left me unconscious for more than 5 minutes. I started suffering from Blurred Vision and Dizziness. In any case, if I hadn’t put on the hair accessories I would have saved my head and the accident would not had been a severe one. You all call it butterfly clips right…. But it became an alligator in disguise for me.

Doctor’s Words on Right Hair Accessories:

In most of the cases hair accessories are responsible for head, hair and scalp damage. Styling is important but not at the cost of your well being. These days people do too much of manipulation when it comes to styling.

Cases of slipping with the metal hair pin causing bruises in the scalp is very common. It is really sad that mothers carrying young lads complain about such head injuries.

Hair Accessories That you must AVOID



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Barrette is a hair accessory which is used to fasten the gathered hair. Generally, it is used to Half-up the hair or used to even make a pony tail. There are many fashion victims who suffered badly just because they used wrong hair accessories.

bobby pins

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Bobby Pins & Uncovered Metal Pins : 

These hair pins are thin metals uncovered at one end. If not taken proper care, they can damage your hair and at times can cause severe head damage. At times the rusted pins can cause reaction and skin allergies as well.

stretch comb

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Stretch Combs: 

Stretch combs are those hair accessories that you must avoid. The ends of the comb are sharp and can also be responsible for hair loss and scalp injury.

hair band

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Tight Hairband:

You must avoid wearing a tight hair band because it causes headache in many cases. You have to assure that the hair band is suitable to your head size. As in many cases, smaller size of hair band can be a painful affair.

jaw clips

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Sharp Jaw Clips :

You have to assure that the edges of the jaw clip is not sharp. There are different types of jaw clips that has shorter points.

As safety is always our first preference, it is important to keep fashion second. Other good options of hair accessories are hair buns, Hair scarves, hair elastics, banana clips, sticks, rubber bands coated with different fabric are also good options.

To my dear women friends, it’s very important for us to stay stylish with all possible safety measures.

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