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Drinks For Weight Loss – See How These Drinks Make You Slim!

Weight loss has become one of the major health issues in today’s hectic and fast life! Moreover, a sedentary lifestyle and the use of high-tech devices, we are all the more prone to health issues like obesity, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and abnormal lipid levels in the body! So, when it comes to “WEIGHT LOSS”, what does one look at? Diet (not that easy to follow)? Exercise (where is the time to do that)? Tablets to pop (yuucckkk, I can’t do that)?  Now tell me, how is weight loss possible? According to me, it’s NOT only about losing weight. One must be careful on body toning, staying fit and physically active as well. Hence, by aiming minor changes in eating habits, portion sizes, meal timing, indulging in some kind of physical activity – ADEQUATE WEIGHT LOSS IS POSSIBLE! Here, I would like to suggest few liquids that would help you in your weight loss journey…


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This basic liquid does wonders during your weight loss journey. Make sure you keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day. This will help you keep your metabolism at its best, which will indirectly improve your fat burning process.

Vegetable Juice

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Fresh vegetable / fruit juices (along with the pulp) are excellent aids in weight loss due to their high fibre content. Avoid adding too much sugar into it as they are naturally sweet in taste (you can always play with your daily sugar allowance and add it accordingly). Adequate fibre intake throughout the day will ensure smooth bowel movements, reduce blood cholesterol levels, boosts metabolism, and hence aids in fat burning!

Green Tea

green tea

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A super antioxidant cup of fresh green tea is not only soothing to your body and taste buds, but it aids in improving your metabolism and increasing the fat burning process from the body’s stored fats. Additionally. Certain beneficial compounds in green tea are powerful antioxidants that boost your immunity throughout the day.

Detox Water

detox water

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There are a number of detox waters that would aid in weight loss in their own natural way (provided they are prepared properly and are really beneficial). Consumption of these detox waters is basically to flush out all the toxins from the body while you are trying to lose weight naturally and also to keep you energetic and well hydrated throughout the day. One of the simplest and most common detox water combination is the cucumber – mint – lemon and ginger infusion.

Skim Milk

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Yes, that’s true. Switching to skim milk, ONLY till you are trying to lose weight, is one of the best options. However, let me make a point here, it’s NOT COMPULSORY! Being fat free, it has added advantages during your weight loss journey as it does not add to your current stored body fat stores.

Whey Protein

whey protein

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We have heard this several times that whey protein consumption is beneficial for fat loss. Yes, it is. Pure whey protein powder – added once or twice a day (depending on workout intensity, health issues, meal timings, portions and body requirement) manages your daily protein allowance and makes sure that your metabolism remains high throughout the day. Also, adequate protein intake ensures increased muscle mass, which in turn, increases the body’s’ metabolism, thus aiding in fat loss and body toning!

Black Coffee

black coffee

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Sip a cup or two of black coffee in a day (one cup, especially just before you hit the gym) and see the difference yourself! Black coffee is known to stimulate your nervous system which gives you the kick to pick up more number of weights in the gym, thus improving your workout intensity which in turn, ensures increased fat burning, muscle tearing , muscle building and hence, increased fat loss and body toning!

So, what are you waiting for, go enjoy your “weight loss drinks” today!

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