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Healthy Diet for Good Health

Healthy eating should not only be an anxiety for weight watchers and dieters. All kinds of people can take advantage of healthy food and healthy eating habits. Diet and nutrition are significant aspects in the support and safeguarding of good health in the entire life course. Eating healthy food items is a must to have a fit body and protect against disorders. A well planed nutritious diet plan plays a fundamental role in sustaining the overall health of the body. One can cope with stress, depression and anxiety by avoiding certain foods and eating a balanced diet. A balanced diet simply means eating healthy foods in a balanced way. In short, it means, eating the right type and amount of food. Maintaining a healthy eating habit is the secret formula for a long & stress-free life.

Healthier living is slowly beginning to become a universal term and it doesn’t necessarily only depend on eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains but also practicing various exercises on regular basis is a must. Diet and exercise are needed for evaluating lifestyle checks towards a healthy future. Most doctors and nutritionists agree that the right diet can keep a middle-aged man healthy. The diet should be such that can maintain physical efficiency and good health. The well-being of man depends rather on perfect nutrition than on anything else.

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Balanced diet for an individual depends on basic calorie requirements a.k.a. BMR. While eating healthy is essential for both the sexes, men and women have different dietary requirements. In absence of nutrients that are necessary, the rate of metabolism is reduced and thus leads to the downfall of health. Due to an average lower body weight, women will require fewer daily calories than men. Compared to men (12-54%), more women (15-61%) are overweight/ obese due to sedentary working style, imbalanced diets, weight gain after child-birth, lack of exercise and cultural issues, brings in different diseases. Diet is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, and working women who seem to work round the clock, need to take very good care to avoid illnesses. But by including the follow things with balanced diet, one will make sure to stay on track with a smile on the face.

  • Always concentrate on food during meal times.
  • Try chewing more per mouthful to consume lesser calories.
  • Have smaller meals, more often.
  • Don’t skip nutritious breakfast, as body has already gone without food the entire night.
  • Don’t overcook foodstuffs to get enough nutrients.
  • Choose more complex carbohydrates in diet. Good sources are: wheat bread, multi-grain atta, brown rice, etc.
  • Eat protein rich diet. Good sources are: sprouts, skim milk, roasted channa, etc.
  • Take breaks every 45 minutes to walkabout in office.

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