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How To Do Your Makeup For Summer Pool Parties?

Scorching summer heat means Cold Summer Pool parties! And when its about parties, you have to look your best. This summer, look absolutely ravishing in your sexy summer dress or your bikini along with just the right type of makeup for a perfect Pool Party look.

Here are some real makeup for summer tips on how to look trendy and put forward your best face in your next pool party. After all, you would surely not want to wear layers of makeup in the hot summer heat. So all you have to do is…

  • Pick up a waterproof concealer that covers up your fine lines and dark circles.
  • Forget foundation, all you need is a good CC cream with SPF for that day party. The CC cream will help give you foundation coverage and the SPF will help protect your skin from the sun. You can re-apply it just like you would any Sunscreen when you are spending more time out in the sun.
  • For your eyes, Use waterproof pencils that are good for both, under the eyes kajal as well as eyeliner.
  • There are plenty of waterproof mascaras in the market that could be your best bet for a pool party for a long lasting glamor.
  • Bronzers are best when it comes to day time parties. For that sun kissed look, pick up a water resistant bronzer.
  • Try creamy eyeshadows that has a lasting formula better than powder base eyeshadows for a humid weather.
  • Use a sweat proof primer underneath your makeup that will help reduce the sweat that appears on your face.
  • For lips use a 24 hour stay lip stain that will make sure you don’t have to worry about reapplying your lipstick.

That’s it girls… You are all ready and decked up to enjoy the next pool party of this season. Make sure you do your Makeup rightly!

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