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I Am A Tom Boy!

Mannerism is something that catches the attention of people, no matter bad or good. This is probably one reason why our teachers at school and our parents would push us over the borderline, forcing us to catch good behavior and character traits. Tomboy is a trait that can be easily notified. One can easily predict by the way you act, seem and react that you certainly are a tomboy. Here are the following things related to a “Tomboy”.

1. You dare to Take The risk

risk lover

You are always excited to take up the risky factors like Underwater Diving and other risky things like catching up insects or playing with the fire. These activities are “Boyish”. In general sense a “Girly” can be the first one to get rid of the situation but a tomboy would always be the first to confront anything that comes to their way.

2. You dress up bit like men

dress like man

The flowery outfits and things like stalking can never get into the head of a tomboy as they are more comfortable in their old pair of jeans and a loose shirt or Tee-shirt. They dress up more like a boy.

3. You tend to like rough Sports

rough sports

They are very lively and sporty. A trip to an adventurous place would always be a big yes from the side of a tomboy. They are the ones who would be ready to help the men to put up the tents rather than resting like ladies. You name any sports and they would be all charged to play without the lame excuses.

4. You like different kind of metal and rock music

rock music

In general ladies like to hear romantic tracks and avoid the heavy metal loud music. Rather, the tomboys love such heavy metal tracks and gets grooved to it.

5. You love to play video games

play video games

They love the video games they would never go for the barbie dolls rather they will choose some games that boys play.

6. You are more comfortable with the “Boys Gang”

boys gang

They are more comfortable among the boys rather than guys. They are more straight forward in their approaches and do not act “bitchy” .

7. You have prominent male traits of walking and talking

walking traits

They are more open and walk with the head held high and walk broad unlike ladies walking baby steps.

8. You do not act Lovey Dovey and Do not support “Girlish” things

no lovey dovey

They cannot stand girlish attitude towards. The “Awwwiee” thing is certainly “eeeeeuuuu” for tomboys.

9. You are very comfortable in your own skin

comfortable in skin

They are comfortable in being themselves also they do not show off as many ladies out there they have a habit of flaunting.

10.You can make people behave themselves easily

make people behanve

You cannot stand non-sense, so you assure that people behave sane in front of you or else you very well know “How” to make people behave themselves.

11. You Cannot feel Comfortable in heels

no heels

Heels can simply make you uncomfortable and you are someone who would always prefer snickers and boots rather than other fancy foot wear. Walking in stiletto are nothing less than a night mare to you.

12. You have no idea what “Sexy Costume “ is

no sexy look

When it comes to the dinner parties and prom night you are the one who is “Actually” Baffled “on how to look sexy”. And you end up taking some stupid tips from guy friends.

13. You don’t mind shouting in public and using abusive language

abusive language

If you think that someone is really messing up bad and its not fair, you would not mind standing up and abusing the culprit in the public.

14. Shopping is something Which bores you

boring shopping

You are someone who is comfortable “More” in the old clothes. And shopping is something that you do not fancy for. You would rather waste time is something else than going for shopping or window shopping.

15. You Won’t Mind Punching someone on face


You do not tolerate non-sense and for the same reason you cannot mind punching someone hard.

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