Diwali Fire Cracker Ban

How To Make Your Diwali The Best, Despite The Cracker Ban!

Don’t be disheartened with the Cracker Ban this Diwali. Rather find alternatives to spice up the festive mood. We suggest a few ways to make Diwali great again. These ways surely will put you off the whole Cracker Ban spin. It’s time to celebrate DIWALI!

Time To Celebrate

  1. Family Get-together

Family Get-Together

Let your whatsapp family group come alive. It’s Diwali and you should let those wishes flow personally than through a virtual medium. You will not need crackers to burst when your whole family will be bursting in laughter and making memories.

2. Making Special Gifts

Making Special Gifts

Make unique and exciting gift to hand out to your loved ones. Make them feel special, add a little thought to your gifts by personalizing it with your own touch.

3. Get Your House High on Fire!

Get Your House High on Fire!

Okay. Not Literally. Do not be upset because the sky will not be lit. Instead, try lighting a diya in every corner of your home. Make your home bleed those lights that the sky will be missing this time

4. The Diwali Feast

The Diwali Feast

It’s time to unleash the Homer within. Let your bellies go fat from flat. Let those stomachs have the ultimate feast of the year by letting yourself loose and devour those Diwali Sweets and Namkeens that you won’t have any other time of the year.

5. Card Games

Card Games

It is said that Goddess Lakshmi brings wealth and good fortune for those who gamble on the night of Diwali and there are people who take this tradition very seriously. If you intend to play with them, then you really need to know your game. While Teen-Patti is a very popular game on Diwali, there are people who play other games such as Nilami, Gadha or Ghanchakkar. You need to know them all so that you are not the only one losing every game.

6. Invest in something

Invest in Something

There are families that burn thousands of rupees on crackers. Sometimes, this amount sums up to a lac. This year, you get the chance to save this money and invest in something that actually gives you a sound return. It can be anything, right from paying for a hobby class or actually investing in bank, because the return will always be your happiness.

How about that for an idea?

7. Look Pretty and Pose

Look Pretty and Pose

For all those people looking for a reason to dress up, which better festival than Diwali. Celebrate the New Year with beautiful traditional attires, click a few photos, take over the social media platforms and light up the room, wherever you walk in.

8. Host a Diwali Party

Host a Diwali Party

Call all your friends because parties churn out some great stories. You don’t need to hire a DJ. There are online radio channels that provide a Diwali Party Jukebox that will surely make you the musicophile without even being one.

Suddenly Diwali is Fun

And suddenly your Diwali is Jhakkas again!

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