Diwali Gift

Seeing His Son Smile Was His Biggest Diwali Gift!

Do you remember how your childhood was? Do you have any amazing childhood story? We are sure you have a lot of them. The childhood memories you have were mostly captured in minds rather than phones or cameras. But do you remember the reason behind all the beautiful memories that you have? Who really were the people who gave you moments worth living for a lifetime? Yes, you got it right, your parents.

Isn’t it amazing, that we just cannot keep our parents away from our childhood memories and as we gradually grow our memories include our friends and other people? Our childhood would have been really incomplete without our parents, their love and the sacrifices that they have made for us just to see us smile. As we were very young, we might have not realized the amount of sacrifices that they have made for us but now when we look back, all the moments are totally heartening.

I went to Subway a few days back and was waiting for my turn to place the order in the queue. Suddenly I noticed a little kid, about 8 years old talking to his father with a lot of joy.  He told him that he want all the veggies in his sub including the “blackberry” ones (olives). I smiled at his innocence.  Soon they took the sub and left while the kid kept talking about how he wished to spend Diwali. My eyes followed them and when they got out, my smiled widened a bit more. I noticed that they had come on a cycle and probably were coming for the first time. The kid must’ve filled his stomach with the tasty sub. What about the father? Well, his son’s smile and joy was enough to fill not just his stomach but his heart too.

Let’s promise ourselves today, that we will thank our parents whenever we feel like without any hesitation in whatever form. It can be a simple thank you or a dinner treat that you wish to give them but we will be grateful for the sacrifices that they have made for us without any hesitation. Be Happy, Keep others Happy!

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