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Selfies!!! Quick Tips To Make Your Selfie Interesting

There are many ways of making your self known in the e-world. But the easiest of all is posing for snaps whenever you can. But, here are quick ideas on how you can make your Selfies interesting than others… Follow and get famous in your e-world.

  • New hairdo: When you visit your beautician, try at least one new hairdo with suitable make-up. And what next, get a selfie and post it for the world to know you

  • Newly wed: When you are asked about your beau or about your husband, show yourself with him in a pose, this will satisfy your friends.

  • Mom & The New Born: Your first pregnancy is indeed a time to remember. But the first moments should well be captured with a Selfie of you and your lil baby. The thrill of that moment will be captured forever.

  • Old friends: Making new friends is a human tendency but remember, old is gold! So, get yourself a selfie with your old mates to remember and rejoice the moments always.

  • New places: Whenever you go to a new place, make the memory beautiful with a selfie!

  • Celebrities: Whenever you find yourself amid cine stars, don’t miss the chance of getting selfies with all the celebs you know, no matter how much trouble you have to face to get the pics.

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In fact, there is no end to the list. Make a selfie whenever and wherever possible. You never know when the moment becomes memorable. Making a selfie these days is very simple and easy. So, go Click Click!!!

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